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Oily Hair, Greasy Hair, Oily Hair Tips
How To Manage Oily Hair

Share Bonjour Dah-lings! Nothing’s better than freshly washed and styled hair – the volume, the body, the smell! It’s enough to make you fee like a new woman. But if you suffer from oily locks, you know how quickly a little grease can ruin your look. All my fine-haired ladies know the slick hair struggle…

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Curly Hair, Curly Hair Tips, Curly Hair Products
Curly Hair Do’s and Don’ts

ShareBonjour Dah-lings! It’s time to put a stop to the war against your ringlets. A head full of gorgeous curls is a blessing, not a curse! We know caring for your coils is no easy task, but with the right styling techniques, you too can be tress obsessed. We’re sharing a few of the unwritten…

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Face Shape, Hair Part for your face shape, best part for your face shape
The Perfect Part For Your Face Shape

ShareBonjour Dah-ling!  If you’ve been sticking to the same part since you were old enough to pick up a hairbrush, today’s primp tip is dedicated especially to you! So many of us don’t give a second thought to how we part our hair, letting it fall naturally where it may. But to make the most…

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