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How To Curl Hair, How to Make Curls Last, Tips for Curling Hair
How To Make Your Hair Hold A Curl

ShareBonjour Dah-lings! For those of us with hard-to-style hair, making curls hold can seem like an impossible feat. Nothing is more frustrating than spending an hour battling with your curling iron, only to have all your hard work fall flat before you even make it out the front door. But don’t give up just yet!…

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Photo Courtesy of @ilycouture
Holiday Hair Tips

ShareBonjour Dah-lings! Everything has an extra dose of sparkle and glimmer during the holidays, and your hair should be no exception! But what with all the parties and hours spent searching for those oh-so-perfect gifts, there’s hardly any time left to spend sitting in the salon. So to help you out this season, Number 4 Educational Agent…

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Tiger Eye Hair, Balayage, Tiger Eye Balayage
The Tiger Eye Hair Trend

ShareBonjour Dah-lings!                 Photo Courtesy of @juulsy_com Move over pumpkin spice, there’s a new trend taking center stage this fall…Say hello to Tiger Eye, the color trend taking over our Instagram feeds one post at a time. Think balayage, but with a twist – and a new name…

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