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Bangs, Shag Hair, Shag Bangs, Bang Tips,
Styling Tips for Bangs

ShareBonjour Dah-lings! Bangs are one of the easiest ways to change up your look without having to sacrifice length or change your color. But for such a quick hair makeover, they can take a considerable amount of upkeep. We wouldn’t exactly describe them as low-maintenance. To keep your bangs from behaving badly, we’ve put together…

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Photo Courtesy of @alyssak_beauty
Hair Habits Worth Your While

ShareNew year, new you! You’ve heard it a million times before. And while New Year’s resolutions are all well and good, we know the last thing you need is yet another lofty goal added onto your 2017 to-do list. So we decided instead to keep it simple. The road to shiny, strong, and otherwise stunning…

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Photo Courtesy: @bellahadid
2017 Hair Trend Predictions

ShareBonjour Dah-lings! 2016 was the year of braids, balayage, and hair accessories – oh so many hair accessories. And while we’re not quite ready to wave goodbye to these trends, the New Year has officially arrived and with it will come all sorts of new and exciting color, cuts, and styles just waiting to take…

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