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Blorange Is The New Blonde

Blorange Is The New Blonde

Blorange Is The New Blonde 598 593 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Bonjour Dah-ling!

Move over Rose Gold, there’s a new color in town! Meet Blorange, strawberry blonde’s cooler, edgy cousin that’s taking social media by storm. Just as its name suggests, this trend brings together blonde, red, and orange hues for a sherbert-y pink pastel result that’s reminiscent of a summer sunset – but on your head! You’re about to catch a serious case of color envy, don’t say we didn’t warn you…

Photo Courtesy of @hairbysroth

Perhaps our favorite thing about this trend is its versatility. There’s a number of ways to rock this look – so don’t be afraid to make it your own! Go bold with a fiery shade of blood orange or rock a softer style with a pastel peach. If you prefer to keep things low-maintenance, might we recommend the blorange ombré…all the orangey goodness, without the repeat salon visits. And did we mention this color looks fabulous on just about every skin tone and hair length? It brings the perfect touch of brightness and warmth to your features!


Photo Courtesy of @hairbykirst

This color is fairly easy to achieve if you’re starting with a blonde base. Perhaps you want to switch things up, but fear the serious commitment of a major color change…. if that’s the case, Blorange is calling your name! Because it’s such a delicate color, it fades quickly so it’s ideal for blondies who are looking for a temporary change. If your strands are dark, the process is a bit more challenging and slightly more permanent. You’ll likely need to pre-lighten the hair to achieve the coppery color – so take this into consideration if you’re trying to avoid hair damage. If and when you do decide to take the color plunge, be sure to stock up on color-protecting hair care. Both our Hydrating and Volumizing Collection offer color-protecting shampoos and conditioners up to the task!

We’re calling it now…if there’s one look that will dominate festival season this year, it’s this blorange perfection! To stay up to date on the latest trends and for all things hair, explore our blog or follow us on social!

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Photo Courtesy of @bluegeminihairstudio

Photo Courtesy of @bluegeminihairstudio