10-Minute Hair Hacks for Back to School

10 minute hair hacks for back to school

10-Minute Hair Hacks for Back to School

10-Minute Hair Hacks for Back to School 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Greetings, gorgeous girls (and boys)! Summer is almost at a close, which can mean only one thing: back-to-school and schedules. Early morning starts and scrambling to get through traffic can cause anxiety. But what’s worse? Perfecting your hairdo or worrying about what to pack for lunch? If easy hair hacks are on your curriculum, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s discover the best time-saving and hair-transforming styles from the styling team at Number 4 professional hair care to kick off the new school year with A+ style.

10 minute hair hacks for back to school

Our Top Back To School Hair Hacks

Shampoo and Conditioner

Back-to-school hair starts with the basics (you could call it elementary, dah-ling). We are talking about creating a foundation for excellence using a high-performance paraben free and sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. To nourish your hair and prep it for styling, we recommend the N4 Hydrate Collection featuring an intoxicating blend of hard-working yet natural ingredients designed to repair damage and restore beauty and shine. This collection is perfect for reviving locks if you spent most of the summer poolside. With a beautiful blend of botanical ingredients and Vitamin B5 properties, it’s proven to hydrate, repair, and strengthen your hair’s natural structure. The result? Silky, shiny, healthy hair that will ensure you are the “head” of the class.

Hair Styling Tools

Next up, it’s time to create the perfect canvas. These go-to styling tools will make your life much simpler:

L’eau De Mare Brush: Not to brag, but we’ve been told many times, “it’s the best brush I’ve ever used.” Perfect for when your hair is wet and needs to be brushed out and detangled without distressing your tresses or causing breakage. This brush is designed to effortlessly slide through hair and is excellent when used in conjunction with Super Comp Prep & Protect for the ultimate knot-free hair.

Number 4 Detangling Comb: Our wide-tooth comb allows you to part and section hair exactly how you want it to be. Perfect for busy students on the run.

Hair Elastics: Never be without! These are a necessity for creating high ponytails, buns or braids, an essential back to school look. Don’t forget to pop some extra hair elastics in your purse, around your wrist or in your car.

Add Volume and Texture with N4 Styling Products

For anyone out there struggling with fine and thin hair, this is especially for you. Our N4 favorite professional styling products offer the perfect solution to create full volume, texture, and body to make your hair look thicker and bolder in next to no time.

Blow Dry Lotion: Need to reduce blow drying time? We got you with this wonder product that provides thermal protection plus multi-dimensional humidity resistance and smooth, long-lasting style all in one.

Firm Hold Gel: For those days when you need a flexible, strong hold but without any stickiness, this is your BFF. Wear your ponytail high from your first early morning class to your last without ever once worrying about your style letting you down or flyaways escaping.

Styling Foam: Provides excellent volume and control, adding essential texture where needed so that you can hit the class with your head and your hair held high. Consider it your confidence root booster.

Easy Back-To-School Hair Styles

We’re finishing up our back-to-school blog with two quick and easy hairstyle recommendations that are perfect for busy mornings.

Half-bun hair style for back to school

The Half-Bun

The half-bun style is back and better than ever before. It’s perfect for any hair type and comes together quickly. All you need to do is wrap the top half of your hair into a bun with an elastic band and give it a quick twist. Then, let the rest of your hair loose, and voila! We prefer the slightly messy and mussed version. You’ve got the perfect hairstyle – casual, chic, and totally on-trend this semester and every semester!

Low sleek ponytail for back to school hair

The Sleek Low Ponytail

A low ponytail is a classic that never goes out of style. Use your wide-tooth comb to create a perfect part, add some N4 Styling Foam to keep it in place, and firmly tie your hair away with an elastic band. You can leave it simple or add a little bow to add some fun and fashionable style. With this hairstyle hack you’ve more time to catch up on all the gossip before your next lecture starts.

Final Thoughts on Quick Back-To-School Hair Hacks

Back-to-school season can sometimes be quite hectic, but having to worry about styling your hair shouldn’t add to that stress. These hair hacks are perfect for anyone looking for a quick and easy hair routine. At Number 4 Professional Hair Care, we value natural ingredients in our products, which means you get soft, healthy, and bouncy hair without harmful chemicals. Don’t forget, you can further explore our recommended hair products in our online store, and if you’re curious to see more hairstyles, be sure to check out our other blog – “The N4 Guide To Lazy Girl Hair“.

Remember, life’s too short for bad hair days. Keep it natural, keep it simple and keep it Number 4 dah-ling. Now go slay that study session.

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