3 Handbag Hair Essentials You Need

3 handbag hair essentials you need

3 Handbag Hair Essentials You Need

3 Handbag Hair Essentials You Need 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Handbag Hair Essentials You NeedBONJOUR DAH-LING!

One of our pet-peeves is being out without our trusty hairbrush. It’s just no good when it’s a windy and rainy day and the mood of our hair is reflecting the weather.

Or what about when you’ve spent hours perfecting the smooth and silky look, but the humidity has other ideas?

Whether you’re heading out for the day, you’re at work or going on a night out, there are some vital hair essentials that will fit perfectly into your handbag, and keep your hair in tip top shape.

And guess what dah-ling?! We’ve got some of the best products online for you, so there’s no faffing around going in and out of the shops.

Look like perfection wherever you are and be hair ready with these handbag hair essentials and recommendations:

Handbag Hair Essential – N4s Mini Darling Brush

Say hello to your strands’ little savior! It’s a darling for our dah-lings.

This miracle brush will sort out all of your hair woes, no matter the weather or where you are. It truly lives up to its name. Unlike other handbag brushes out there, N4s’ helps to end daily hair tangles, snarls and stresses, but with gentle grooming so you don’t need to worry about unnecessary breakage.

Whether you’re a curly-haired babe, coily queen, straight-stranded slayer or wavy-haired beauty, this brush is fabulous for you. This brush doesn’t discriminate against any hair type, and works perfectly whether your locks have been drenched from the rain, swept-up from the wind or simply been shining in the sun.

Always make sure to start brushing from the ends of your hair and work your way upwards towards the roots. Be gentle and patient with angry tangles, your hair will thank you later. As this is a daily essential, it pairs perfectly with N4 hair products, especially with the Super Comb Prep and Protect.

Handbag Hair Essential – N4s Fluoro5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil

Meet your new fashionable beauty staple that easily fits into your purse. It’s a little bottle of magic that offers lightweight hair repair treatment in the form of a serum. Be a true Parisian queen with this chic essential. It’s the must-have product for every season!

Not only is this liquid oil PERFECT for creating incredible smoothness and time-defying shine, it’s the handy handbag hair product as it provides UV and humidity protection. You can protect your hair and look amazing on the go!

All you need is just 1-2 pumps to seal, finish, repair and restore any finished look. Pop it in your bag and use it whenever you need to!

Handbag Hair Essential – Silk Scrunchies

We’ve all been there when we just want our hair off our darn faces! To make things more frustrating, when we’re looking for a hairband, we can never seem to find one.

It’s always a good idea to have a silk scrunchie (or two) spare in your purse. Not only will you be able to put your hair up as and when you wish, but the benefits of the band being silky will help protect your hair from breakage. They’re soft and, well, silky! Perfectly paired with your silky locks.

No matter your hair type or thickness, you can get different size scrunchies or bands that suit you best! Seriously, a gal can’t have too many silk scrunchies in our books!

As well as handbag hair essentials, N4 offers the perfect travel-sized products too! So you don’t have to go without your favorite hair products, whether you’re at home or away. You can always be sure to slay the day.

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