3 Types of Wednesday Bangs: Inspiration for Your Next Cut

Woman with wednesday bangs styled after Wednesday Addams

3 Types of Wednesday Bangs: Inspiration for Your Next Cut

3 Types of Wednesday Bangs: Inspiration for Your Next Cut 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care


We thought bangs were going to be a short-term post-pandemic look, but who would’ve thought going into 2023 they’d still be all the rage!

There’s one person absolutely leading this trend, and that’s Jenna Ortega from the Netflix hit series Wednesday. We’d even go as far as to say the world has stopped for Jenna’s bangs! All over Tik Tok we’re witnessing people taking a leap of faith! Chopping their own ‘Wednesday’ bangs for everyone to see.

The ‘Wednesday bangs’ is a full curtain-esque fringe that’s parted in the middle. It’s slightly different from the longer curtain bangs people became obsessed with, but they’re definitely still long enough to clip back if you’re after that sweet romantic look.

But N4 doesn’t gate-keep! We’re all about giving you more bang for your buck!

Woman with wednesday bangs styled after Wednesday Addams

Heavy ‘Wednesday Bangs’

Consider this look almost a full fringe. There’s the slightest, tiniest gap between your parting, but it’s much fuller, starting off shorter in the middle and getting longer on the outside of the fringe. The look is complete with short and long layers throughout your hair and looks so lush with long and thick hair.

N4’s Blow Dry Lotion works wonderfully with this style, as with all the layers the lotion will help to add and hold shape and texture. It even cuts your hair drying time in half which is definitely music to our ears!

Another bonus about this style is that you can grow your bangs out gracefully if you’re not feeling them anymore.

Wavy ‘Wednesday Bangs’

Don’t think for one minute that you can’t join the trend if you have curly or wavy hair! Dah-ling, it’s your secret weapon. Use your curls to your advantage to create this spicy yet cute look.

This is pretty much just like Jenna’s fiery fringe, but approved for wavy and curly headed girls.

The cut will sit about an inch above your eyebrows but will still have the slight parting in the middle. If your hair is naturally wavy/curly you can even change it up every now and then with a pair of tongs for a straight look.

But with your natural hair, the wavy fringe combined with your wavy locks around your face will add so much volume.

N4 absolutely recommends use the Sugar Texturizing Spray for beautifully defined strands that will last all day. If your waves are looking a little lack luster then this will give them a boost of life. It’s good enough to raise the dead!

Baby ‘Wednesday Bangs’

If you’re feeling brave then why not go shorter?  With this style a French bob pairs perfectly, and you can jazz it up with the N4’s Sugar Texturizing Spray to add a ruffled yet super chic texture.

The Baby Wednesday Bangs sit a few inches above your eyebrows but still have that curtain type middle parting – but only towards the end of the fringe.

We recommend using the N4’s Smoothing Balm for this style as it’s much shorter, you want it to be under control. The N4 Smoothing Balm has the ability to tackle complex textures of frizzy, wavy, unruly locks, creating lovely polished styles.

Bang, bang…your dead…gorgeous dah-ling thanks to N4’s professional hair care products and expert styling tips!

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