4 Updates To The Classic Ponytail

Ponytail Styles, Ponytail Updates

4 Updates To The Classic Ponytail

4 Updates To The Classic Ponytail 459 594 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Hello Dah-lings!

The ponytail will forever be a hairstyle staple. We could undoubtedly throw our hair into a pony while sleepwalking backwards down a flight of stairs. But because of its simplicity, it often gets written off as the lazy girl’s ‘do; the kind of thing you wear to the gym or when you’re trying to buy an extra day before washing your hair. Don’t get us wrong; we love a good ponytail as much as the next girl. But just because the look is easy, doesn’t mean it can’t be chic. We’re introducing four simple ways to spice up your signature pony, and we promise these looks are anything but basic.

Ponytail Styles, Ponytail Updates Put A Braid In It

You don’t need advanced braiding skills to master this style. After securing hair in a pony, add some Texture Styling Crème to the tail to plump up hair so it looks thicker and voluminous. Braid the tail and secure ends with a hair tie. For extra volume, gently tug on each section of the braid to loosen strands. That’s all it takes!

Use Two Hair Ties

It’s what you do to your hair after you put it in a pony that makes it interesting. Before styling, apply a bit of Fluoro5 Elixer to your hair for smoothness and shine. Secure hair in a ponytail at the height of your choosing, then add another elastic a few inches down from the first. So chic!

Go Sky High

We’re not talking about the high pony you used to wear with your high-school cheer uniform! With a bit of volume and the right texture, this style is 50% playful, 50% sexy, and 100% date night approved. This look only gets better with texture, so use on unwashed hair for best results. Curl hair with a one-inch iron to create loose waves, tousling the curls just a bit with your fingers. Secure hair up in a high pony and finish with Mighty Hair Spray for a look that stays put, no crunch necessary. We’ll let you in on one more secret…Slip a bobby pin on each side of the pony. This will make the tail come forward on the sides of the head a little, giving the illusion of extra volume. Nothing says playful better than a high pony!

Part It Out

A deep side part is as sophisticated as it is flattering and shows you mean serious business – when it comes to winning the hair game that is. If you’re looking for a desk-to-dinner style, this sleek look is your best option. To create the perfect part, use the arch of your eyebrow as a guide and angle slightly toward the center instead of straight back. Insider tip: use a small amount of Styling Foam on the back of a comb to touch up flyaways for an uber sleek finish.


Which one will you try first? For more style secrets and new ways to refresh your go-to hairstyles, follow us on Facebook!



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