5-Minute Hairstyles for Rushed Mornings

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5-Minute Hairstyles for Rushed Mornings

5-Minute Hairstyles for Rushed Mornings 1024 777 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Bonjour Dah-ling!

There’s nothing worse than the sound of that alarm in the morning, pulling you out of sweet slumber and back to reality. If you can’t resist hitting the snooze button—don’t worry! You can see how that dream ends and still look fabulous. Five minutes is all you need to get great hair—and still have time to pick up your pumpkin spice latte on the way to work.

With the right hairstyle, you can have it all and more. Here are the easiest styles to throw together in minutes. You might be running late, but your hair will say otherwise.

Wake Up With Waves

Easy Hairstyles Photo 1No time for the curling iron? No problem. Loose waves are easy to attain with no heat… you just have to sleep on it! Showering is a big time suck in the mornings, so try doing it at night to get a kick-start on your hair care routine.

After you shower, spray some of our Sugar Texturizing Spray into your locks and braid your hair while it’s still damp.

Then get some beauty sleep… and voila! You’ll wake up with gorgeous loose waves that are ready for the day. Unbraid, finger tousle and go!


Amp Up Your Pony

Easy Hairstyles Photo 2When styled right, ponytails can look like a high-style choice—not a last resort. If your bedhead is too much to tame, toss it back into a bubble pony. This trendy style is perfect for you babes who need a break from braids.

Before starting, tease those tresses lightly for volume, and spray our Mighty Hair Spray all over for some extra grip and hold.

Start by splitting your mane into half horizontally, securing the bottom half with an elastic band or hair clip. Now take a section of the top part of your hair and bind it with an elastic band. Continue pulling pieces of your hair from the sides as you work your way down, securing each section along with the previous section with a band and wrapping hair around it to camouflage the tie. Now that the top part is done, undo the bottom half of hair, segmenting your pony all the way to the end, securing elastics every few inches as you go. To get the bubble effect, pull out pieces in each section as big as you want.


Make a Top Notch Topknot

Easy Hairstyles Photo 3When we can’t seem to get it together in the mornings, the topknot is our saving grace. Second day hair has never been better! Use this style to conquer those busy mornings that don’t allow for any extra hair care time.

Start by brushing your hair back into a half-up pony, using a dime-sized dollop of our Smoothing Balm to tame any flyaways. If you’re looking for a voluptuous bun, take your pony and tease it up! From there, just twist it into a bun, pin in place, and you’re all done. Easy enough, right?

To take things a step further, spritz our Sugar Texturizing Spray into those tresses. This amazing product will give your mane a wavy texture that’ll have you looking like you came straight from the beach.

We understand the struggles of a late night, mon ami. It’s hard to turn in early when there’s so much fun to be had! But you can get a few extra winks, and still slay your mornings. Just keep a few of these 5-minute styles in your arsenal.

Go ahead, dah-ling, hit that snooze button one more time.


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