5 Modern Bobs We Can’t Get Enough Of

Modern Bobs

5 Modern Bobs We Can’t Get Enough Of

5 Modern Bobs We Can’t Get Enough Of 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care


Over the last year we’ve seen a number of hairstyles hitting that trending spot. But one major style that’s set to stay a while is the bob. But which modern bob hairstyle to get? That’s right, many of us grew up knowing just one! The one that was the same level all the way around and sometimes mixed with a full fringe. It was the one hairstyle that made many of us vow to never cut our hair short again!

But you might want to change your mind after finding out that the bob is all the rage again and it couldn’t be easier to style and maintain thanks to N4’s high performance botanical hair care products.

Take a look below at some different styles to go for; from shorter strands to longer lengths, there surely is the perfect modern bob for you!

Just with every other season, there’s ways you can switch up your hair care routine so your strands are prepared for the change. Read on to find out how to manage winter hair with the best botanical hair care products from the Number 4 high performance range!

Modern Bobs

Our 5 Favorite Modern Bobs

Short Blunt Bob

Quite possibly the one we all remember! A blunt bob is cut just below your bottom lip line and bends around the face, creating more of a softer look. As it’s such a short cut, the bob is typically all one length but it’s good for a variety of hair textures.

Because this is such a short hairstyle, making sure it’s lovely and smooth is key. N4 Smoothing Balm works superbly for this and it will tackle your frizzy and unruly locks with the teeniest tiniest smoothing molecules!

All you need to do is distribute it evenly over damp hair and blow dry as desired. But what’s so perfect about the Smoothing Balm is that it helps you flexibly style your strands so you can get your modern bob just how you want it, no matter how short your hair is! Parfait!

Stacked Bob

The Stacked Bob is a triangular silhouette and is perfect for curly and textured hair. It’s a blunt cut that allows your curls to comfortably stack and sit in a triangular silhouette position. The style is going to really show off your beautiful curls.

The bob typically ends just below your chin, however all you need to ask your stylist is to have a one-length blunt bob.

For your curls the N4 Sugar Texturizing Spray is going to be your bestie. It’ll transform limp and lacklustre strands and give them a gorgeous shiny and wavy texture and a whole lot of definition.

Simply spray on either damp or dry locks and dry as desired. If you really want to go all out with the definition then use a diffuser.

French Bob

When you think of a French Bob, think of elegance taken from the 20s and 30s. It’s got that cuteness mixed with jazz singer/20s flapper girl style. We couldn’t think of anything more chic yet sassy for you.

It’s a chin grazing bob but is sharp and outlined, with a fringe that sits just above the brow. You can really imagine yourself in that gorgeous slip dress sipping on a glass of wine right next to the Eiffel Tower with this look! Dah-ling you look divine.

For this modern bob we recommend getting a heat protector such as the N4 Thermal Styling Spray as it’s going to give a light finish yet let your hair be completely moldable. You’re also going to be able to apply some heat to help you with the styling, as it shields and protect you from damage.

Simply spray on either damp or dry hair before styling. Your hair will be thoroughly nourished and looking gorgeous Dah-ling.

Flicked Out Bob

Simple, straight hair was once all the rage, but dah-ling it’s starting to get a little boring. Many of us are opting for different ways to add texture and movement, such as with light layers and face framing pieces.

If you don’t fancy that and want shorter hair then you need to, ask for the Flicked Out Bob.

The Flicked Out Bob lets the ends of your hair flick out away from your face. It gives 50s preppy aesthetic girl vibes and is extremely chic dah-ling. Don’t worry, you don’t have to become a roller skating waitress when you sign up for this look.

It’s no good spending quality time getting the flick right if you’re going to head outside into a blizzard! Use N4 Mighty Hairspray to finish your look and give you excellent hold that’s weightless. There’s nothing worse than that horrible sticky hairspray feel, but don’t worry, it’s as light as a feather as you’d expect from our high performance hair care products.

Curtain Bob

And so we’ve come to the final curtain…bob.

If what you want comes under chic and minimal then look no further. A Curtain Bob is such a flattering cut with the way it frames the face. It’s a fairly versatile style with length and you can definitely turn it into a longer bob, you just need to make sure the front pieces tuck inwards – this is the curtain effect.

To help you with the day-to-day styling of the Curtain Bob, you’re going to want to try N4 Blow Dry Lotion. It’s a weightless lotion that helps to shape and control your locks (with added in heat protection),  so you can really grasp the curtain affect and make sure those front pieces stay intact inwards.

Make sure to distribute the product evenly through damp hair and blow dry as desired. It’s as easy as that!

As well as keeping you up to date on the latest trends, we also provide the hottest hair tricks and tips too! Make sure to check out Our Go To Hairstyles For Rainy Days next.

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