A Guide to Number 4’s Botanical Haircare

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A Guide to Number 4’s Botanical Haircare

A Guide to Number 4’s Botanical Haircare 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

BONJOUR-DAHLING! Tubes of botanical product for hair care.

At Number 4, we’re big on botanicals. We love harnessing nature’s bountiful beauty in our professional salon-inspired range of anti-aging hair care products. We firmly believe that to achieve high-quality hair, you need to be using high performance products, packed with the finest, hard-working, clean ingredients. That’s why we developed our Liquid Complex Culture ™ with organic botanicals, the heart, and soul of all our formulations. It’s what sets our range apart and defines why our products are so extraordinary. We’re also proud to offer cruelty-free, gluten-free as well as paraben-free hair products.

But Why Are Botanicals So Important?

Botanicals are contained in each and every one of our exceptional products as part of our Liquid Complex Culture ™. We’ve divided them into four distinct elements named Vibrance, Vitality, Defense, and Purity because these are the foundation blocks of what hair requires to be sleek, shiny, and strong. If you want your hair not only to look but also feel its absolute best, then you need botanicals baby. They give life, luminosity, and love to our products and your tresses.

Our Liquid Complex Culture ™ draws upon water to provide optimum hydration, utilizing an advanced and unique delivery system for maximum botanical benefits.

The result? Hair is infused with tiny powerful molecules that provide hair strengthening, preserving, purifying, and anti-aging properties. It’s your hair, only better!

A Guide To Our Botanicals


Designed to tackle our clients’ biggest haircare concern; dullness. You asked for shiny hair, and we created Vibrance to meet your demands. Packed with gorgeous ingredients including Blackcurrant, Soy Yogurt, Algae, and Yerba Mate, it’s a highly nutritious complex of botanicals that provides hair with an organic beauty boost to leave it looking naturally glossy and luscious.

You can experience Vibrance for yourself in our popular N4 Clarifying Shampoo.


It’s not just our skin that begins to show the telltale signs of aging; so does our hair. It starts to lack fullness, thickness, and luminosity and can become weak and lifeless. So we created our Vitality Complex to combat maturing tresses and to restore health and vitality; yup, the name gives away the game! It’s a formulation rich in antioxidants, including Acai Berry, Vitamin C, Hibiscus, and Mangosteen. You want to claim back your youthful hair? You got it.

You can experience Vitality for yourself in our highly rated N4 Reconstructing Masque.


Life is tough, honey, but so are you. Sadly, the same can’t always be said of your mane attraction. That’s why it needs some serious protection. Our Defense Complex hydrates and strengthens without damaging your precious strands. It’s your first line of defense against heat styling, external environmental factors as well as chemical processing. Packed with nutrients including Oolong Tea, Irish Moss, Vegetable Protein, and also Burdock Root, it actively restores strengthen and brings new life back to frazzled ends.

You can experience Defense for yourself in our best-selling N4 Hydrating Condition.


Nature knows best, which is why we prefer to keep things clean when it comes to our Complex’s. We don’t use any harsh sulfates or stripping alcohols, rather beautiful and bountiful botanicals. Sulfate, Sodium Chloride, Gluten, and Paraben free, our Purity Complex promotes nourished and replenished hair, all while preventing product build up. We’ve included active ingredients such as Lemongrass, Gooseberry, Golden Seal as well as Organic Oatmeal.

You can experience Purity for yourself in our exceptional N4 Blow Dry Lotion.

We only ever provide the best ingredients in our products because, quite frankly, my dah-lings, you deserve nothing less. Check out the rest of the Number 4 hair care range and discover more about our natural hair products.

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