Agent One

For questions on the audition information or process please contact [email protected].


1. Must hold a valid driver’s license and qualified certificate of hairdressing/license of cosmetology.

2. Must possess proven hairstyling skills, knowledge, and capability.

3. Candidate must complete the following online form.

4. Must have excellent presentation skills for small and large group formats, basic computer skills, and a flexible schedule (evenings and weekends included).

5. Previous education experience is preferred but not required.

6. Must be a self-starter with a natural drive for taking initiative. This position is often remote and requires that you take initiative to grow forward, seek advice and guidance as necessary.

7. Must have at least 1-year salon experience working with Number 4 products.

8. Should have completed a Product Knowledge class before auditioning.

9. Must carry the entire Number 4 range of products.

10. Must have a minimum of five years of experience in the beauty industry.

11. Must have a retail to service dollar percentage of 15% shown in supporting documentation.

12. All travel expenses, accommodations, etc. to attend the training certification will be the responsibility of the candidate.

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