Fall in Love with Autumn 2018’s New Hair Trends with Laid Back Style

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Fall in Love with Autumn 2018’s New Hair Trends with Laid Back Style

Fall in Love with Autumn 2018’s New Hair Trends with Laid Back Style 683 1024 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Bonjour dah-ling!


It’s time to put away the bathing suits and bring out the cozy sweaters… because fall is here! The leaves are changing, and so is your look. But alas, mon amie, there is good news! Fall is also bringing us several gorgeous trends made for any hair type. Pick one – or all of them – and kiss summer goodbye, because fall is going to be fabulous!


Cut: Short and Sweet

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Remember how liberating it feels to cut off all that dead, dry hair? Well, get ready for some cutting edge! Short locks are trending for autumn so freshen your look with a chin-length bob. This chic cut is the perfect way to finish off the year with confidence… and confidence never goes out of style. Are you daring enough?

With less hair to weigh you down, you’re gonna want nothing but volume. Our Volumizing Collection will give your short locks enough oomph that you won’t even miss those extra inches! Our formula gives each strand the power to repel the hair next to it (in the best possible way), giving your hair gorgeous movement and all-day bounce. Short is sexy!


Color:  Warm and Rooted

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The weather isn’t getting warmer, but your hair sure can be! This time of year is perfect for embracing that low maintenance hair care routine we all envy. If you’re loving the warmer tones of autumn, try balayage and keep your roots a bit darker. Dark, blended roots are in style, and they’ll save you on trips to the salon (aka more money for new fall boots). Adding some autumnal tones like chestnut and caramel to your hair will warm up your complexion and bring out your inner golden goddess.

After a fresh color change, remember to use protection on your new, luscious locks! Our Super Comb Prep and Protect provides color protection plus an extra dose of UV Protection, giving your fall mane moisture and shine.



Style: Loose and Braided

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When it comes to styling as the warm weather turns cooler, locking in moisture is essential for healthy hair. That means going more natural and giving your hot tools a break. The best way to avoid the stress of heat styling (while preserving texture and polish) is by trying some braids! Pull out those trendy hats and beanies to give yourself all the fall feels. With braids, slightly undone is the desired look – “Oh, my hair? I just woke up like this, dah-ling!”

Another way to amp up your braid game is by weaving a ribbon or thin scarf into the braid (do I hear Thanksgiving hairdo, anyone?!) Keeping the hair loose and allowing pieces to fall askew will add more volume to this cute, casual look. Finish your ‘do with our Mighty Hair Spray to give you strong support and frizz control without the weight or stiffness.


Like the leaves in the fall, change is calling your name – so embrace it!


And before we bid you adieu into the brisk and dry air, be sure to check out how to keep your body moisturized and your hair healthy all season long. We want you to keep looking and feeling as fabulous as you are!


Au revoir!


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