Back to School Easy Hair Care Styles

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Back to School Easy Hair Care Styles

Back to School Easy Hair Care Styles 505 241 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care


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The end of the summer always signals those back-to-school vibes. Whether you’re actually enrolling in a new college course, heading back to work after a vacay or preparing to get the kids and yourself back into a routine. Busy mornings are about to become a reality. No more leisurely sleep-in’s, wild, windswept hair, or getting away with the undone mom bun! 

It’s time to get back with the program, and that means paying attention to your hair game. 

If you’re looking for easy, back-to-school hairstyles that can transform your look but require minimal time and effort, then you’ve come to the right place. Hairstyles for college, work, or the school run need to be super quick and easy to achieve. 

Today we’re taking you through some of our favorites, combining just the right amount of cuteness with chicness, sassiness with style. They’re also perfect for mommy-daughter twinning too.

Get Creative with Headbands, Scarves and Hair Slides

Make the new back to school season all about accessorizing. For those mornings when you really are short on time and are finding it hard to get it together, a headband can be a real-life hair saver! 

Cuter than a baseball cap or a beanie, a colorful headband is a welcome distraction, totally on-trend and capable of creating a compliment worthy look. Add a spritz or two of Sugar Texturizing Spray to lackluster strands for a tantalizingly tousled effect that will frame your face to perfection.

There’s literally so much you can do with nothing more than a rolled-up scarf, a handful of bobby pins, and lashings of Number 4 Mighty Hair Spray. So why not get creative with those hair accessories, using beautiful slides to add more style and definition to a half-up hairdo for all the drama without becoming a diva! 

Fancy a fresh new take on the mom bun? 

It’s elementary mes cheries! For a laid back yet luxe look, create a half pony then take the rest of your hair and sweep it around the back. Accessorize with an adorable looking scarf for a touch of retro chic. Use some Number 4 Texture Paste to add extra definition and create more dimension on both long and short styles. It’s also a miracle worker when it comes to taming flyaways and will provide plenty of day-long staying power ensuring that long after the school bell has rung, you and your mini-me will still be rocking your new semester locks. 

Bobbing along!

Finally, for busy gals on the go, a bob, whether it’s layered or one length, is always a fail-safe, easy to maintain back to school style. Whether your hair is straight or curly, well-behaved, or so unruly it lands you in detention! A bob provides plenty of versatile styling options.

It’s super easy to prep on those hectic mornings when time is against you. If your hair is looking a bit “meh” you can create gorgeous movement and texture by adding N4’s Texture Styling Cream. Use to define your curls or expand those flat-ironed tresses.

Ensure that you’re nothing less than an A student dah-ling.

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