Avoid These Bad Styling Habits If You Have Breakage-Prone Hair

Breakage-Prone Hair

Avoid These Bad Styling Habits If You Have Breakage-Prone Hair

Avoid These Bad Styling Habits If You Have Breakage-Prone Hair 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Avoid These Bad Styling Habits If You Have Breakage-Prone HairBONJOUR DAH-LING!

Stop and listen up! If you have breakage-prone hair these are the things you need to stop doing straight away to guarantee visible results!

There are several reasons why your hair might suddenly become prone to breakage. It’s not only excessive coloring and dehydration that have their part to play.

Stress may be a factor, poor nutrition and good old family genetics. Scary snapping strands should however serve a sure fire sign that it’s time to switch things up, in the styling and heat setting stakes.

How To Improve Hair Health

Before we dive in with the list of DON’TS, let’s consider first a few DO’s!

A weekly deep-conditioning treatment can be a real hair-savior. Try out something like N4’s Reconstructing Hair Masque to deliver that pret-a-porter glow. Featuring a blend of soy proteins alongside Vitamin B5, it’s packed with deeply replenishing and smoothing natural conditioners.

Another top sleep tip is to switch to a silk pillowcase too. You’ll not only sleep like a Princess, but you’ll wake up looking more like one too!

Breakage-Prone Hair No No’s!

OK, on to the “mane” event! What not to do! Here are our top tips on the bad habits you need to banish to protect bad hair behavior.

Hot Water

We all love a steaming hot shower but that scorching hot water wreaks havoc on weak strands. If you have fragile and breakage-prone hair, you need to treat it like a baby. Softly, softly is the way. Avoid super hot water that will open up an already fragile cuticle and strip it of essential oils. Instead, switch to cool water that will seal the cuticle and help prevent damage. As a further bonus, you’ll also be amazed how much shinier hair looks when you make this subtle showering change.

Heat Setting

This is an easy hack to implement and one that you probably know already but don’t always remember to action, especially when you are in a hurry and just want your hair dried in record time. It may take a little longer to dry your hair, but we highly recommend you use the warm or even the cool setting, never the hot one. Also be sure to keep the hairdryer nozzle at a decent distance away from your head.

Brush Up On Your Technique

Word! You’ve probably been brushing your hair wrong your entire life. You shouldn’t be brushing your hair from root to tip. Instead, brush from the ends and work your way up. Sounds simple but it really is effective.

Easy On The Hair Ties

Avoid super tight ponytails held in place by abrasive ties that can tug on the hair and cause unnecessary breakage. Maybe take a look at silk scrunchies. Just like your recommendation for your pillowcase, a silk hair tie is a great option and they’re pretty darn cute too.

Go Alcohol Free

We don’t mean don’t drink and dry! Sometimes a Friday night dress up session needs a Cosmopolitan on the side. What we do mean is steer well clear of any products that contain harsh ingredients, but in particular alcohol that will cause the hair to go dry and a little bit crispy. All N4 products are packed with natural ingredients and are 100% free of nasties so you’ve nothing to worry about on that score.

Don’t Sleep On It

A lot of us are probably guilty of this one but you should never sleep with your hair up. Always keep it loose if you want to snooze! Or tie it in a simple braid. And a reminder again…invest in that silk pillowcase for the hair and sleep of your dreams

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