Beachy Waves In Under Ten Minutes!


Beachy Waves In Under Ten Minutes!

Beachy Waves In Under Ten Minutes! 500 500 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

It’s not everyday we describe a style as both trendy and timeless, but in the case of beachy waves, we’re making an exception! The romantic, boho beauty of this style works with every length, texture, and face shape, making it a staple in our style rotation. Still, because most of us beauties learned a basic barrel curl first, it can be tricky to get that wave effect without channeling Shirley Temple. Thankfully, our Tress-Tamer Toni has all the secrets to beachy waves in less than ten minutes!

The key to this style is maintaining volume at the roots! First, wash hair with our Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner. Then, apply 1 pump of Styling Foam to give a little extra lift and to help the waves hold their shape before blow-drying. Next, spritz hair with Thermal Styling Spray to help protect strands from the heat.

Now you’re ready to start curling! Starting with your bottom layers is the best way to ensure you don’t miss any hair. Separate a horseshoe shaped section around the top of your head and secure with an elastic or pin; this will be the second round of curls. Then, divide your lower layer into right and left sections and begin curling with 1-1.5 inch pieces. Alternate the direction of each curl for an undone, carefree look! Once you’ve finished the bottom layer, repeat the process on the top. Finish with Mighty Hair Spray to lock in the loveliness, and voila – waves that would make a mermaid jealous!

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