Have Fun In The Sun With The Best Beach Waves Hair Styles

Best Beach Waves for this Summer 2022

Have Fun In The Sun With The Best Beach Waves Hair Styles

Have Fun In The Sun With The Best Beach Waves Hair Styles 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Best Beach Waves Hair StylesBONJOUR DAH-LING!

You didn’t really think we could let summer pass without covering the best beach wave hair styles did you? The benchmark of the cool Californian surfer chick, you don’t have to ride waves to rock this natural look. And while salty sea air does amazing things for your hair, if you’re not lucky enough to be headed to the beach any time soon, N4 has the perfect hacks so you can fake it till you make it.

If you’re searching for that holiday allure and the winning combination of volume, shine and texture, then it’s beachy waves for days dah-ling!

Summer Approved Beach Hair Waves

As with all things in life when “effortless chic” is your watchword, it’s not always as easy breezy as it seems. The art of styling beach waves is to make them look as natural as possible. Whether you’re opting for loose and tousled or tightly curled, beach waves are a relaxed look that can pretty much be adapted for most hair types, lengths and textures.

For shorter haired babes keep the curls less defined as the look will already be amplified. Whereas all your long lock lovers will get a lot more control if you start your waves about a third to halfway down your hair.

If you are already a naturally curly tot then you can play around with ringlets. In all instances, a generous spritz of N4’s Mighty Hair Spray will definitely help you to surf the day in style.

Creating The Perfect Beach Waves

There are lots of ways you can perfect this style and you might already have your own preferred hack.

We’re gonna take you through a few simple steps to help you achieve gorgeous beach waves using your curling iron.

Follow these top 8 N4 stylist approved tips and we’ll see you by the seaside!

Top 8 N4 Stylist Approved Tips for the Best Beach Waves This Summer!

  1. Part hair down the middle and blow dry if wet or if you have the time, leave it to air dry.
  2. Spritz a generous amount of heat protectant through the hair. We recommend N4’s Sugar Texturizing Spray which is a fabulous multi-tasker. Not only does it deliver defense against heat and humidity but also imparts beach inspired hair with a healthy dose of undone texture. Once the hair is prepped with this product, part hair into three sections and hold it in place with a scrunchie.
  3. Starting with the lowest section of your hair, holding your curling iron in a vertical position, start to wind pieces of hair around the wand, away from your face.
  4. Allow the hair to remain on the curling iron for about a count of five before uncurling.
  5. Next move on to the middle sectioned part of your hair, using exactly the same technique and curling this time toward the face. Finally move to the top section and that should once again be curled away from the face.
  6. Once you’ve happy you’ve covered off all the sections, using your fingers, run them generally through your curls and give your hair a shake to create that sought after “tousled” look.
  7. You might want to take a bit of N4’s Texture Styling Creme and rub it between your fingers to then add some texture, shine and definition to your ends.
  8. Finally grab that N4’s Mighty Hair Spray to help your beach waves stay fresher for longer.

Et voilà dah-ling! Summer loving looks so good on you.

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