Best Products to Pack For Your Beach Bag

best hair products

Best Products to Pack For Your Beach Bag

Best Products to Pack For Your Beach Bag 683 1024 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

best hair products

Bonjour Dah-Ling!

Summer is finally in-coming, and we’ve rounded up our recommendation of the perfect products every bona fide beach babe will love.

While summer is the season of bliss, it can be so darn hard on your hair. From high humidity frizz to close encounters of the chlorine kind, there are countless ways that a beach day could turn up into a bad hair day, especially if you’re not packing the perfect products. If you’re ready to slay your way through those sizzling hot days and balmy nights, then you need these mini miracle workers by your side.

Protect Your Hair

You wouldn’t dream of hitting the beach without your sunscreen and even if you do still like to rock the glam bronzed goddess makeup look, all highlighted cheekbones, and sculpted brows, we’re betting you’ve slathered on the SPF first. Don’t neglect your hair when you’re out in the sunshine otherwise, those mermaid waves will be reduced to scorched strands.

Pop Number 4 Super Comb Prep & Protect in your summer tote and give your hair a spritz with this humidity resistant formula to protect and shield your hair from the damaging effects of the sun’s rays and other environmental factors. This lightweight leave-in conditioner is instantly detangling and provides a heavy dose of UV and color protection. It won’t dry out your hair and can be used both day and night for shine so lustrous even the sun will need shades!

Pack a Nourishing Oil

Dreaming of sandy white beaches, saltwater seas and the ocean breeze kissing your curls? Sounds just heavenly my bikini-clad beauties! Salt, sand and UV rays can lead to brittle and dry ends though, so make sure to pack a lightweight oil treatment to intensely nourish and protect your hair while you relax and enjoy the surroundings of your tropical paradise.

Just 1-2 pumps of N4 Flouro5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil is all you need to highlight and illuminate your hair as though it’s been lit from within.

Enjoy Beachy Waves the Salt-Free Way

Was there ever a better vacay vibe than tousled waves and sun-kissed skin? Salt can be a killer though on hair that’s color or keratin treated, especially if you then add heat, humidity and ocean spray into the equation. So keep it sweet and sugary and deliciously nourished.

Choose N4 Sugar Texturizing Spray instead. Handily available in the cutest mini pump dispenser, this is a summer love affair that’s meant to last and not just a holiday fling.

Hair in need of a Summer Detox?

The perfect post recovery session for your hair, our N4 Summer Hair Detox Kit has been exclusively put together to pamper stressed-out strands, tired and lackluster after a long hard day lounging by the pool. With a clarifying shampoo to remove chlorine build-up without stripping your hair of any hydrating oils and a pre-shampoo deep reconstructing masque to infuse holiday hair with maximum moisture, this is your beach bag essential detox kit.

best hair products

Get ready to say “Hey Vacay” and look forward to healthy, shiny, nourished and manageable hair all season long.

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