Best Halloween Hair Trends for 2020

Halloween Hair Trends for 2020

Best Halloween Hair Trends for 2020

Best Halloween Hair Trends for 2020 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Halloween Hair Trends for 2020


Let’s be honest, COVID-19 has been the stuff of bad dreams. If you’re looking for Halloween inspiration, then the year 2020 will take some beating. All those grown out bangs, telltale roots and frightful home dye jobs are likely to haunt you well into 2021! But you can’t very well go out trick or treating dressed as an undetectable virus! And let’s face it, for most of us, piecing together an elaborate costume is quite frankly exhausting!

So why not let your hair steal the show this spooky season and put your energy into creating a “hair raising” Halloween hairstyle. Go to town with some ghoulish makeup or a frightful face mask and “abracadabra”, Halloween is served!

So let’s take a look at the Best Halloween Hair Trends for 2020

Future Nostalgia or Neon Brights?

You can always rely on the stars of stage and screen to dish up some devilishly inspiring “do’s”. So how about channeling Dua Lipa and experimenting with two-toned temporary hair color, tied high in a sleek top knot with just a couple of face-framing tendrils let loose to complete the look? OK, so it’s not exactly scary but it’s certainly fierce! If you’re not about experimenting, then you can always grab a wig instead. All you need is N4’s Mighty Hair Spray and you can rock this Future Nostalgia look all night long.

Another Halloween Queen, this time when it comes to the neon hair scene is Billie Eilish. While there are plenty of lookalike wigs you can buy, you could also experiment with a tinted spray to achieve Billie’s iconic neon-green statement roots. Prep your natural hair in advance by using N4’s Clarifying Shampoo to ensure it’s deeply cleansed and color protected.

Tiger King

Is there anything more frightful than Joe Exotic and his signature look? It’s so hideous it has Halloween written all over it! While we are not for one minute suggesting you chop off your hair and request every 80’s footballers favorite hairdo, the mullet, there are lots of fun and freaky ways this look can be interpreted. This one is definitely more trick than treat!

You’ll need a brash blonde wig, an equally horrific statement shirt and a pair of scissors to hack away at that weave. Grab yourself the ultimate styler, N4’s Texture Paste and use it to mold and sculpt this look. You can easily recreate Joe Exotic’s trademark “texture”.

Rooted Blonde

Let’s face it, we’ve all experimented (consciously or not!) with a more “rooted” hair color look in 2020. Stints in quarantine have meant less frequent visits to our colorists resulting in more of our natural hair color coming through. Little surprise then, that the rooted blonde look has become a “thing”. It’s lower maintenance and a great way to transition tonally into autumn; a flattering way for your hair and skin tone to embrace that fading summer tan. Sofia Richie has long embraced this aesthetic and we’ve seen everyone from Ashley Benson to Kristen Stewart owning and embracing their darker roots.

DIY Devil Horns

Tired of the usual cat ears that you’ve worn for like the last three Halloween’s in a row? Then why not switch things up a bit this year and create DIY devil horns using your own hair? We can’t guarantee you’ll look as deviously divine as Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent but with some extreme contouring too, you can create this chiseled look.

You literally need a simple black headband, some black wire to create the horn shape, plenty of bobby pins to secure your hair horns in place and a spritz of N4’s Non Aerosol Hairspray to finish off this delectable, devilish look. Keep the hair hanging loose and parted down the middle, section two ponytails from the top of your head, one either side of your parting and wrap them around your wire horns, securing with the bobby pins. This is one hairstyle that makes its own statement, no costume required.

So there you have it. Three easy ways to amplify your Halloween hair, but only if you dare dah-ling! If you are a lover of color and decide to go neon for real rather than fake it, don’t forget to check out our Blog on how to nourish and protect color-treated hair. You can read it HERE.

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