The Best Mini Haircare Products To Pack For A Weekend Away

Best Haircare Products

The Best Mini Haircare Products To Pack For A Weekend Away

The Best Mini Haircare Products To Pack For A Weekend Away 1024 680 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Best Haircare Products

Bonjour Dah-lings

Or should we say “bon voyage”! We’ve heard it on the grapevine that your bae has just gone and booked you a mini-break and now you’re all in a lather over what products to pack. Fret not, and there’s no need to forget me not either. Thanks to Number 4’s perfectly packaged pint-sized minis of all your favorite hair care products you can style and go wherever you’re being whisked away to this weekend.

Stay-cay, Vay-cay, one thing is for sure, your hair will definitely be OK thanks to our mini miracles collection.

Let’s be brutally honest. While we all love a romantic get-away, how many of us enjoy the packing? And though a last minute surprise weekend away is simply divine, what’s definitely not fine is having the time to fit in your spray tan, mani/pedi, eyelash extensions and a fresh blow dry. Travel in style or don’t travel at all! We’re going glam, or we’re staying at home!

Inevitably that cute face of yours can’t help but stop security in its tracks. It’s like your baggage just loves to say, “Bonjour”. The horror when you realize that you’ve snuck in a few of your must-have styling products that are over 100 ml. Confiscated! Again. Resigned to a weekend in the tropics without your trusted super taming serum and a head of hair resembling cotton candy.

That’s why we’re such big fans of the Number 4 Minis Collection. All presented in the same stylish and chic ooh la la packaging as their big sisters, but in super cute 1.5 oz fills. They take the fuss out of packing and leave room for more bikinis. Bravo.

Here are just a few of the holiday hair essentials that we simply can’t live without when we travel.

mini holiday2

Hydrating Shampoo Mini and Hydrating Condition Mini will ensure that those precious locks are ultra-moisturized even if you do turn into a mermaid and spend the weekend frolicking in the sea. Talking of which, if you want to recreate the tousled beauty wave textured look but without the sea salt for real, then you’re going to want to pack N4’s Support Solution capsule collection along with our Sugar Texturizing Spray Mini. Voila.

Va Va Voom hair on Yoyage and still room to throw in an extra pair of strappy sandals.

Sun, Sea, Stilletoes and Styling Products. Sounds like the perfect mini getaway to us. Don’t forget to send us a postcard.

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