The Best Ways to Sleep with Wet Hair and Wake Up with Gorgeous Locks

The Best Ways to Sleep with Wet Hair and Wake Up with Gorgeous Locks

The Best Ways to Sleep with Wet Hair and Wake Up with Gorgeous Locks

The Best Ways to Sleep with Wet Hair and Wake Up with Gorgeous Locks 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care


As much as we love taking a relaxing shower before bed, especially if we’re using N4 Fleurs de Temps Soothing Body Wash, which is quite frankly dream-inducing, going to sleep with wet hair is a big no-no! But what if you have no choice? Sometimes, we’re in a rush, or it’s so hot outside that we can’t resist washing our hair at night. Fear not! We have just the tips to help you wake up with luscious locks while sleeping with wet hair! Read on to discover the best way to sleep with wet hair at night.

The Best Ways to Sleep with Wet Hair and Wake Up with Gorgeous Locks

Best Way to Sleep with Wet Hair

We asked the team to come up with their top tried and tested tips on ensuring they wake up with sleek, not-frizzy hair, plus the organic and vegan hair treatments they recommend the most. Here is their list of Do’s and Don’ts:

DO: Use A Hydrating Shampoo

If you have oily hair, a dry shampoo is going to be your best friend when it comes to sleeping with wet hair. A quick spritz before bed will absorb the moisture and leave your hair smelling fresh in the morning. And in terms of the best shampoo to use, we suggest trying Number 4 Hydrating Shampoo. Why? It won’t weigh the hair down because it’s highly concentrated yet lightweight. It’s also anti-aging, which we love!

Hydrating Condition and Shampoo to sleep with wet hair and wake up with gorgeous locksDON’T: Wrap Your Hair

No matter how tempting it may be, Dah-ling, wrapping your hair in a towel or a turban to dry overnight can cause freakishly frizzy hair in the morning. Instead, towel dry gently and shake out your hair before catching your z’s.

DO: Use A Healthy Organic Leave-In Conditioning Treatment

Apply a leave-in conditioning treatment to the ends of your hair, avoiding your roots to prevent greasiness when you wake from your beauty sleep. And that’s where Number 4 Smoothing Balm with Fluoro Technology comes in. With these teeny tiny smoothing molecules, this balm works hard to protect hair and shield it from humidity while you’re busy getting your beauty sleep.

Number 4 Super Comb Prep & Protect is also a must. This paraben-free and sulfate-free product works equally well on wet or dry hair, and it has a built-in heat protector with nourishing benefits. Not only will it keep your ends moisturized, but it’ll also prep your hair for heat styling the next day. It’s an overnight beauty treat that works hard to protect your precious hair while you get on with the important stuff – dreaming about how gorgeous your hair will look in the morning!

DO: Use the Right Pillowcase

The fabric you sleep on, especially if you go to bed with wet hair, is super important. You don’t want a rough texture that will snag your shafts, instead, you want to sleep on a silk, satin or vegan-silk pillowcase because these will all help reduce the friction between hair and pillow, preventing hair breakage and frizz in the morning. A bonus? They’re also great for your skin! Silk and satin have fabulous anti-ageing benefits, so you’ll wake up with dream hair and a crinkle-free face, too, ready and raring to slay the day.

DON’T: Sleep with Your Hair Directly on Your Pillow

On the topic of pillows, we recommend pulling your hair up into a high ponytail or a loose braid, allowing it to dry freely without smooshing it against your pillow. Combine this trick with N4 leave-in conditioning Super Comb Prep & Protect, and you can live a tangle-free life!

Sleeping with Wet Hair Super Comb and Protect productDON’T: Use Heat Appliances in The Morning

Hear us out, Dah-ling! We know this one will be hard to avoid, but air-drying wet hair and leaving it au naturel the next day is like giving yourself a reviving breath of fresh (h)air!

Try using an organic and vegan hair treatment like Number 4 Fluoro5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil. It truly is a miracle product! Use to seal, finish, restore and protect. It also conditions and adds incredible, illuminating shine. How to use? Work it through from the middle to the ends of your hair, leaving the roots alone. Let the moisture sink in, and style your hair however you like without using a heated straightener or curler. Your hair will thank you, trust us!

Final Thoughts on Sleeping with Wet Hair

Sleeping with wet hair doesn’t have to be the end of the world. With these easy tips and tricks using Number 4 botanical hair care products, you’ll be able to wake up with gorgeous locks, all without causing any damage to your hair. Use the above methods with the best professional hair care products, like Number 4 paraben-free products. These sulfate and sodium chloride-free hair products will do wonders for the health and appearance of your hair. Try out some of our vegan hair care products for curly hair as well, as they will be gentle on your scalp and locks, allowing for natural curls to form overnight. Remember to take care of your hair as you sleep so that you can wake up to a new dawn of luscious locks every time!

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