Bon Voyage, Beauty!


Bon Voyage, Beauty!

Bon Voyage, Beauty! 600 600 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

The holiday season is finally here, which can only mean one thing: vacations! Reservations have been booked, itinerary is in place, and you’ve even managed to set a budget: bravo! Now on to the important things: packing the right products for your chic getaway! Travelling with beauty products has long been a source of irritation and difficulty, and there is nothing worse than looking back at your photos of the Eiffel tower only to notice the flyaways that ruin the shot! Don’t let your beauty routine be foiled by long flights, layovers, or lack of appropriate outlets for your hot tools: we’ve got the top 5 ways to keep yourself looking va-va-voom even on your most adventurous voyage.


Hydration Nation

This is a cardinal rule for beauty in general, but is especially important on a big trip: keeping skin and hair hydrated will mean the difference between flawless skin and flaxen hair, versus breakouts and frizz. Aside from the obvious tip to pack a water bottle, we recommend also stashing a rehydrating mist (we love anything with rosewater) and a super-protein enriched hair mask for dry, brittle tresses- the Mini Darling Reconstructing Masque is a lifesaver.

Downsize Your Tools

As much as possible, try to think small. Whether that means packing a mini hairdryer or straightener, bringing only your essential makeup items, or leaving your giant electric toothbrush with endless attachments at home, streamlining your kit is a travel must. Fortunately, we’ve made this an easy task with our Mini Darlings collection, all our favorite products in pint size!

 SPF is Essential

Sun worshippers, we’re looking at you! A little Vitamin D is healthy, but with all we know about skin cancer and how damaging the sun can be to your skin (and hair!) we can’t stress enough how important SPF is. Thankfully, the beauty world has come up with plenty of clever ways to provide SPF, from our makeup, to a UV/Color Polar shield that preserves hair’s pigment, formulated in our Super Comb Prep and Protect Spray.

Multi-taskers are key

Lotion for flyaways? Sounds crazy, works like a charm. Maybe you prioritized your Fleur de Temps lotion over hairspray, leaving you kicking yourself when the wind from your double-decker tour bus makes a mess of your blowout. No matter, your hand lotion can act as a substitute! After applying to your hands, use remaining product on your palms to smooth pesky strands and add moisture.


One of our best travel tricks is actually the most simple: for the flat, lifeless hair that’s been flattened by a headrest or under a hat on the beach, we recommend flipping hair upside down and securing in a loose topknot. This preserves any blowout you may have had, and also gives a boost to your roots for instant volume.

Sacrificing smoothness in St. Barth’s? Losing luster in León? Don’t let your worldly wanderings result in below average beauty! You travel to see the world; we want to make sure the world sees YOU at your very best.

Bon voyage, dah-lings!

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