The Perfect Summer Hairstyles

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The Perfect Summer Hairstyles

The Perfect Summer Hairstyles 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

botanical hair productsBONJOUR DAH-LING!

Summer fun-times are incoming! Whether you’re hitting the shops, laying on the beach, or relaxing in your garden, it’s time to update your hairstyles with Number 4 botanical hair care products so you’re on trend for summer, and  staying ahead of the heat so you can avoid being a sticky mess!

We know there is nothing worse than looking hot and sweaty, especially when it makes our hair greasy. You’re stuck in that dilemma of wanting to get that hot-girl bob so your neck can breathe but you know you’ll miss your long locks.

We all wish for that irresistible fresh, glowing dewy look that will make others say, how does she look that good in this heat?! Dah-ling, do not stress. Number 4 has you covered with our top pick of the perfect hairstyles to transport you from day to night. Not just that, but summer hairstyles that will help you to beat the heat, keeping you looking chic, no matter who you might meet.

The Beach Bun

Let your neck breathe and put your hair in a delicate low bun that’s perfect for the beach, but can be easily transformed for the evening.

Simply gather your hair and tie it into a bun that sits loosely just below the middle of your head.

Pull out some side bits and your baby hairs for an extra dainty look.

Apply Number 4’s Smoothing Balm to help control any unwanted frizz. It’s the perfect product to apply to your hair during the day and night as it creates a humidity shield so your hair will be in tip-top condition all day.

As it comes to the evening, step up the beach bun game and add a little curl to the parts you pulled out. It’s a classic look that is glamorous and easy!

Sleek and slicked back

This hairstyle is so ideal whether you have straight hair or curly hair! Scrape your hair back into a low pony and use Number 4’s Firm Hold Gel to keep it nice and slicked back.

Secure with a hairband and then it’s nice and out of the way! The bottom of your hair is completely up to you.

Leave it natural for the day, and spruce it up for the evening by either straightening it or add a beachy curl to it!

You’ll look like the coolest beach babe, and girls will be envious of your perfect sleek roots all thanks to Number 4’s Firm Hold Gel.

Beach wave bob

For all you hot-girl bob babes, adding a wave to your hair that screams I’M A SURFER GIRL is always going to be on trend, no matter the year. Fed up with trying to style your hair in the heat? Try this. It’s a natural and pretty look that is really easy to achieve.

Simply spray Number 4’s Sugar Texturising Spray onto either dry or damp hair and allow it to dry naturally or with a diffuser.

Instead of ruining your hair trying to get this look in the salty sea water, this product uses sugar to add a whole lotta sweetness and love. It fights humidity so you won’t have to worry about unruly hair!

You’ll have the hair all girls dream of on holiday thanks to this one product.

Pin-backed bangs

Oh what a sweaty mess our bangs can cause! We’re not a fan of when they stick to your forehead, we know all about that dah-ling. This hairstyle is sweet and simple, and can be done with your bangs or just your front hair in general.

Get a few hair slides and scrape your bangs back and put them into place. For a day look you can put the rest of your hair up, and let it down for the evening. Use Number 4’s Non Aerosol Hairspray for a firm but light finish so your hair isn’t weighing you down in the heat.

Who’s ready for summer hair loving? Visit this link to learn more about our botanical hair care products and discover more trends and techniques.

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