How Our Sugar Texturizing Spray Adds a Sweetness to Your Dry, Sea Salty Locks

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How Our Sugar Texturizing Spray Adds a Sweetness to Your Dry, Sea Salty Locks

How Our Sugar Texturizing Spray Adds a Sweetness to Your Dry, Sea Salty Locks 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

botanical hair care productsBONJOUR DAH-LING!

These days we’re seriously craving some sea water and sandy beach vibes. It’s not quite the safest time to travel, but luckily we can still get that holiday hair with our botanical hair care products, which is perfect seeing as beach-style waves are a trending hairstyle EVERY year.

They’re like the equivalent to the minimal makeup look, you know when you’re on holiday and you’ve got that nice golden glow, so what’s the point in covering that with foundation! Gorgeous beach waves tell the story of you surfing and laying on the sand until sunset, and then heading straight to dinner and looking effortlessly stunning.

Just know that the perfect beach-waves are super easy to achieve, and you don’t need to plunge yourself into salty sea water to get the look. So we thought we’d put Number 4’s Sugar Texturizing Spray into the spotlight as it’s what’s going to help you achieve this style.

Want to look like a holiday goddess who’s just stepped off the beach? Read on, Number 4 has got the perfect heatless guide.

What is the Sugar Texturizing Spray?

You’ve heard of sea-salt spray, right? Number 4’s Sugar Texturizing Spray aims to do the same job, minus the disadvantages such as dehydrating your hair. It adds a sweet love to your hair texture through simple sugar cane molecules and flexible styling aids.

Just a light spray helps to fight against humidity and gives you style that’s more than just a summer fling.

What does it do to your hair

You guessed it, DAH-LING! Our Sugar Texturizing Spray gives you desirable beach waves! You can say goodbye to limp and lackluster strands, and hello to the ‘I’ve just walked off the beach’ look. You don’t need to worry about the heat as the spray helps to keep your hair a glossy texture in humidity, and it provides extra nourishment with its anti-static properties.

How to get ‘beach inspired’ waves

You’ve been reading about how easy it is to achieve the look, and here’s how to. It’s super simple! Lightly spray the Sugar Texturizing Spray onto damp or dry hair and style as desired.

Et voila! We highly recommend drying your hair by air or with a diffuser to give it that extra oomph and a cute but messy look.

Is this product only good for beach waves?

As well as creating beach inspired waves, you can use the Sugar Texturizing Spray to add texture, hold and shine for an updo. Simply add the product prior to putting it up. You can also apply the spray to flat ironed/curled hair for a cute bed head look!

Give Number 4’s Sugar Texturizing Spray a go and fall in love with something that will give you more than just a summer’s fling.

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