Why washing your hair feels like a pure spa moment with N4 botanical hair products

botanical hair products

Why washing your hair feels like a pure spa moment with N4 botanical hair products

Why washing your hair feels like a pure spa moment with N4 botanical hair products 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

botanical hair care productsBONJOUR DAH-LING!

We all know the saying ‘If you look after your X, X will look after you’. Let’s replace X with ‘hair’, and we couldn’t agree more. When your hair is shining and is healthy, it truly does show on you. Sometimes we stick to the same old products because it’s what we’ve always used and known, and we don’t think anything could do any better. But Dah-ling, invest some time into finding ​botanical hair products with ingredients that help nourish, hydrate, deep-clean, protect and strengthen your locks.

You’ll be surprised with how much your hair-washing experience changes! It can take you from an average shower to a pure spa moment. And when you turn washing your hair into a luxury moment, you’ll be looking and feeling more radiant.

Whether you’re familiar with N4 ​botanical hair care products or not, we’ve saved you some time in doing your research. N4 has carefully selected and made a range of treatments that helps target specific hair needs at their highest quality. We offer premium products that, like at a spa, not only care about what’s in them, but what’s not in them.

Dah-ling, you deserve the best and only the best for where you place your crown. So read on and find out why washing your hair feels like a pure spa moment with N4.

We care about the ingredients we use

What feels cleaner and fresher than vegan and cruelty free products? We pride ourselves in being responsibly sourced and we stay away from including any animal product and animal testing. With that being said, our products still contain highly concentrated formulas that act fast on your hair.

We’re also proud to have such premium products that don’t contain sulfates, sodium chloride, and are paraben and gluten free. These make our products pretty much suitable for all you Femmes et Monsieurs. They’re extra gentle on chemically treated hair, safe to use for those who are health-conscious about parabens, and suitable for those with a sensitive scalp.

Let us introduce you to our Clarifying Shampoo. We all think down to the last minute about our leave-in treatments and conditioners, but do we ever invest as much time into an amazing shampoo? This is the perfect deep cleansing product with a blend of White Freesia, Golden Amber and Warm Musk.

Not only that, it’s versatility to enhance your shower experience is elite! It makes a perfect face wash, body cleanser, and hair/scalp cleaner. If you’re looking for a longer, relaxing shower this product is great to really remove scalp buildup.

Your shower experience

Your shower experience is very important to us Dah-ling. A shower can be a rushed morning routine, or a relaxing self-care activity. Either way, start and end your day feeling refreshed with the most premium products as if you’ve just stepped out of the spa.

When it comes to self-care we believe there’s no limit on over-indulging on your favorite products. We believe a pure spa moment should be and can be experienced from home. From fine fragranced shampoos, conditioners, treatments and stylers, you can forget leaving the bathroom smelling of your average fruity products.

Shower in luxury with N4, and once you’ve stepped out, apply N4’s Lumiere d’hiver Body Lotion to instantly apply moisture and hydration without having any greasy residue behind. It contains soothing aloe and smoothing and protecting shea butter, and is designed to feel rich and luxurious.

Moisturizing isn’t and shouldn’t just be a quick slap of product on your skin and that’s it. This lotion is the perfect end to at-home spa routine, and can even be added into Fluoro5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil to transform it into a wonderful massage lotion

Number 4 High Performance Hair Care goes above and beyond to enrich the time you spend washing your hair. You can check out more of their luxury products here to help add a little luxury into your shower time.

Click here for more information on our ​botanical hair  products. We’re here to help ensure every day is a good hair day. Nothing makes us happier than that! You can also connect with us via our socials.

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