Break Up With Split Ends

Split Ends, No Split Ends, Split End Tips

Break Up With Split Ends

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Bonjour Dah-lings!

Why must split ends happen to good people? We ask ourselves this often, but unfortunately breakage is inevitable. From hot tools to hair dye, we put our strands through serious stress on the daily. And while having a head full of split ends might not be the end of the world, those frayed edges can leave our mane looking a little drab – and no one wants that! Although a trim is the only tried and true way to get rid of split ends, there are things you can do to keep hair breakage to a minimum. It’s time to call it quits on those nasty ends…you deserve better, darling!

Split Ends, No Split Ends, Split End Tips

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Shower with a Wide Tooth Comb

After applying conditioner, gently run a wide-tooth comb through your strands until all the tangles are out. This helps prevent the snags and tears that come with brushing out tangled, towel-dried hair. Our Super Comb was made for hair care shower situations just like this!

Detangle with Care

For daily detangling, stay far, far away from brushes with hard plastic bristles. Use a paddle brush with flexible bristles. Your delicate strands should be treated with a gentle touch! Use a paddle brush with flexible bristles that will easily glide through even the most tangled of tresses (we recommend our L’eau de Mar Brush). When brushing, always work end to root – and be patient! Good things take time and beautiful, healthy hair is no exception.

Not All Hair Ties are Created Equal

The kind of hair tie you use can make all the difference. Avoid excessively tight rubber elastics, which can pull and rip hair. Opt instead for nylon or elastic ties without metal closures.

Lay Off the Hot Tools or Protect Accordingly

We all know styling tools cause hair damage, yet very few of us give our hair a break from the heat. Commit to heat-free hairstyles one or two days a week – your hair will appreciate it! Trade in your flat-ironed mane in favor of a French braid or messy bun and add a little variety to your hair routine. As for the days you do use your hot tools, always apply a heat protectant prior to styling, such as our Thermal Styling Spray.

Get Regular Haircuts

You already know a haircut is the only solution to rid your locks of split ends. But did you know regular trims are also your best protection against them? The longer you wait between cuts, the greater the chance you have of your split ends traveling up the hair shaft and worsening – the worst nightmare for any darling growing out her locks. In fact – and this may sound counter-intuitive – regular trims can actually make your hair grow longer.

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