Pleasure to meet you. We’ve had deep, meaningful, and in-depth conversations with fashionistas, business moguls, celebrities, tastemakers, and beauty insiders (people just like you) who have shared with us their most intimate product desires.

We know what you want, and what you want is high performance – products that are lightweight and fast acting with superior functionality that will wow your clients and create an eternal love mark in their hearts.

With Number 4 High Performance Hair Care, you can expand your salon or spa offerings to include exceptional hair care products and capitalize on the opportunity for a new source of business and retail growth.

And besides, once you’ve had Number 4 and true high performance, we know you’ll never give it up.

OurStory Heart

Innovative, Lightweight, Color Protecting, Anti-Aging Formulas, 100% Vegan, Gluten Free, Sulfate/Sodium Chloride Free & Paraben Free.

The Ultimate Hair Care Experience

To get to know us on a more intimate level, contact the concierge at [email protected].

If you’d like to start a relationship, we’ll make it worth your while.

Kiss Kiss!

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