Celebrate Shark Awareness Day with Shark Squalene Free Products

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Celebrate Shark Awareness Day with Shark Squalene Free Products

Celebrate Shark Awareness Day with Shark Squalene Free Products 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care



Put those fears aside for a minute. Forget about Jaws. The film probably terrified you as a child. It may well have put you off surfing for years. Now though, you’re far more frightened about having a bad hair day than you are succumbing to the teeth of these magnificent creatures.

Yes, it’s undeniable, sharks are “impressive” predators. They are one of the most commanding in our fragile marine ecosystem. They also, more crucially, play an essential role in keeping our oceans healthy.

That’s why on Shark Awareness Day, celebrated every 14th July; we join all the other Shark-friendly companies in respecting these wonderful, some might say “Magnifique” creatures.

It’s also why at Number 4 High Performance Hair we only ever create transformative hair products that are shark squalene free. Our range is non-toxic to humans, yes, but also kind to all animals, sharks included.

It pains us that sharks are persecuted globally. Hunted for their fins to make soup, teeth extracted to create decorative medallions and livers harvested so that hair looks glossier. Found in everything from the foundation you wear, to the lipstick you choose, it takes 3000 sharks to make just one tonne of squalene to use in your makeup and haircare products.

Millions of these majestic creatures are hunted for sport and killed in the name of beauty every year because the cosmetics industry is crazy about the benefits of squalene. Don’t get us wrong; we love glossy hair just as much as anyone does. Only not at the expense of three million deep-sea sharks being culled every year.

That’s why we don’t use it. Nor do we have to.

Plant-derived squalene is every bit as effective, and it can be found throughout Number 4’s range of advanced, professional-quality hair care products.

We use fabulous ingredients, including sugar cane and olives (tasty not testy), to create our products. So let’s celebrate Shark Awareness Day together with the N4 range of shark squalene free hair care solutions.

Go ahead and shop the range HERE, safe in the knowledge that no sharks were harmed in producing your fabulously glossy and shiny strands

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