Day-to-Night Holiday Hair: From Grandma’s House To Swanky Soirée


Day-to-Night Holiday Hair: From Grandma’s House To Swanky Soirée

Day-to-Night Holiday Hair: From Grandma’s House To Swanky Soirée 450 300 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Bonjour, Dah-lings!

With everyone’s social calendars filling up faster than an Amazon wishlist, you can bet your bottom dollar we’re searching for ways to keep our hair looking haute for the holidays – no matter how tight the schedule! Day-to-night styles are all about repurposing the structure and texture of daytime hair to achieve the drama and allure of soiree-ready strands. Take your sweet, side part braid and transform it into a braided chignon that’s sure to make mistletoe magic!


Daytime: Side Part Braid

More intriguing than soft waves or sleek straight strands, a simple braid adds interest and looks like you spent more time than you actually did. First, prep damp hair with Blow Dry Lotion for extra stick when you begin your braid. Blow hair completely dry and part as you normally would. Then, take a 1-1.5 inch section of hair along the hairline of the predominant side of your part and begin to braid, incorporating pieces as you go to create a French braid. Secure with an elastic behind your ear and gentle use your fingers to pull apart the braid. Finish with 1 pump of Fluoro5 Elixer on your ends for added shine.

Nighttime: Braided Chignon

The beauty of the side part braid is that it’s a classic, everyday style that can be dressed up in any number of ways. Before attempting this updo, create piece-y texture that will give your chignon a messy, undone look to balance the neatness of the braid by adding a quarter-sized amount of Texture Styling Crème. For added volume, use the Super Comb to gently backcomb the section of hair at the crown. Then, pull hair back in a low chignon towards the braid-free half of your head. Secure at the nape of your neck. Gently pull apart the bun and pull a few pieces from each side for a polished look that’s not too prim. Perfect!

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