Daylight Savings Hair Hacks To Beat The Winter Blues

Daylight Savings Hacks to beat winter blues and seasonal depression

Daylight Savings Hair Hacks To Beat The Winter Blues

Daylight Savings Hair Hacks To Beat The Winter Blues 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Daylight Savings Hacks to Beat Winter Blues and Seasonal DepressionBONJOUR DAH-LING!

The days are getting shorter and darker and the temptation to hibernate might take hold! But that shouldn’t be an excuse for pulling the duvet over your head, pressing snooze on your alarm (one too many times!) before throwing your hair into a messy un-done bun as you hot foot it out of the door, too late to even run a brush through your bed head hair!

With daylight savings in mind, Number 4 is to your rescue with our time-saving hair hacks to beat the winter blues and to help you still look you’re bouncy blow-dried best even if you have overslept…again!!

Daylight Savings Hair Saviors!

Running late? Don’t despair dah-ling!

Try these 6 N4 stylist-approved hair hacks to deliver a quick transformation and all before your 9 am meeting!

You asked we listened. Today, we’re dishing out all the details on how you can save time (and your hairstyle) even when your bed seems like the comfiest place on the planet right now!

5 Time Saving Hair Hacks for Busy Guys and Gals!

  • Invest in a quality hairdryer

For fast, fuss-free and efficient blow drying that reduces the potential of hair breakage, invest in a quality hairdryer, preferably one which is designed with a longer-life brushless style motor that delivers speed and concentrated airflow without parching your hair.

Today’s hairdryers can drastically reduce the speed of drying and styling, which means you can still enjoy a quick coffee before you head out of the door to work, frizz and flyaways tamed for a salon-smooth finish! Even better still, generously spritz your hair first with N4’s Blow Dry Lotion to reduce blow-dry time even further. You might be under pressure to make it to your first work appointment in time, but trust us, you will have full control over your hair and enjoy long-lasting style support the whole day long.

  • Use your nozzle for super-speedy styling!

You may neglect the nozzle on your hairdryer but at times like these when time savings are very much needed, the nozzle dah-ling, is your friend! It will enable you to concentrate the airflow and channel it exactly where it’s needed for a super-speed blow-dry. For added shine and smoothness, we recommend using a paddle brush and applying N4’s Thermal Styling Spray which is specially designed to hold and protect hair against heat.

  • Play it clever with your curling wand

Hanging onto those memories of summer spent by the sea? Tight on time but still want to go for your signature beachy waved look? Then size down on the barrel size of your curling want but size up on the sections of hair you wrap around the tong to reduce styling time. Forget about the clamp too. Just get straight to curling. Finish with a touch of N4’s Super Texturizing Spray and that summer fling can still be a “thing”.

  • Focus on framing your fabulous face dah-ling

Time of the essence today? But you still want to slay the day? Play to your strengths and focus your styling where it’s guaranteed to have maximum impact… around your face. Go for a sleek and polished look, paying particular attention to the hair around your face and on top of your head. No one will even see those unruly strands that lay beneath, a sure-fire sign that you were still snuggling under your duvet less than an hour earlier!

To discover more fail-safe fall hair care ideas, we recommend you check out our blog, How to Reinvent Your Fall Hair Care Routine.

We’re here to help ensure every day is a good hair day. We love hearing from you so go ahead and leave us a comment too. We’d love to know your favorite time-saving hair hacks.

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