DIY Bridal Hair Tips

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DIY Bridal Hair Tips

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Bonjour Dah-ling!

The choice of flowers, the organization of the seating chart, the shape of the chairs, the flavor of the cake…planning a wedding is not for the faint of heart. And while it’s probably safe to say no one’s going to remember what color napkin they used or if the centerpieces were made of roses or lilies, they very well might recall your wedding day ‘do (if they don’t, the photos are sure to!). But weddings get expensive fast, which is why many a budgeting bride opt out of professional help and take matters of the mane into their own hands. To offer a bit of assistance to the future Mrs., we’ve put together some tips and tricks to remember – this one might be worth pinning to your wedding boards, ladies!

Gather Inspiration

Do your research! Take to Pinterest and see what styles are out there. Sure, you might know you want your hair in an updo, but there are a million and one different styles to choose from. The more styles you research, the more confident you’ll be that you choose the best ‘do for you. Take your time, there’s no reason to rush it! And remember: the best bridal hairstyle is the one that reflects you the most. Don’t try to be someone you’re not!

Practice Makes Perfect

No matter how hair-savvy you may be, don’t wait until your big day to try out your wedding hair for the first time. And when we say practice, we don’t just mean trying the hairstyle once or twice. Do it again and again and again – even once you’ve gotten it just how you want it. Do your hair in the morning and see how it wears throughout the day. That way, you can troubleshoot any problems that arise.

Consider Climate

Weather can make or break a hairstyle and on a day as special as your wedding, it’s a risk you can’t afford to take. If your special day takes place inside or during cooler climates, go for the cascading curls! But if you’re getting married in a hot, humid climate, an updo may be better suited to your needs.

Ask For Help

Doing it yourself doesn’t mean you can’t ask for help.That’s what your bridesmaids are for, after all! If your friend is an expert at curling hair, ask her to lend a hand. Not to mention, enlisting help can save you time – a precious commodity in the moments leading up to your walk down the aisle.

Product Talk

From texture pastes to anti-humidity sprays, wedding hair requires a bit more tender love and care than your everyday style. Finding the right products is key to keeping your look in place all night long.

For Waves:

Unstructured, tousled waves are a flirty touch to any bridal silhouette. The key to mastering this style? Focus on texture and volume. To help, we’ve created a Bridal Styling Kit designed specifically with waves in mind – it’s everything you need in one convenient (and cute!) little package.

For Updos:

You’ve found the ideal updo – one that won’t overpower a veil, yet can stand on its own once its time to take to the dance floor. To make sure your ‘do holds tight well into the night, consider our Bridal Styling Kit for updos.


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