Easily Hide Hair Breakage With These Styles

Easily Hide Hair Breakage with Number 4 High Performance Hair Care Products

Easily Hide Hair Breakage With These Styles

Easily Hide Hair Breakage With These Styles 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Easily Hide Hair Breakage with Number 4 High Performance Hair Care ProductsBONJOUR DAH-LING!

Feeling blue from hair breakage? It’s that time of the year where the cold weather and the heating inside the house dries out our precious locks, leaving them prone to brittleness and snapping.

We often find that our frazzled and split strands look very lacklustre and damn right messy, and it can often get us down and frustrated. Every day should be a good hair day!

But there’s ways you can fight the breakage such as going for a trim, using N4’s Super Comb Prep and Protect to help protect your hair from heat as well as conditioning it, and cutting down on the styling tools.

But whilst you’re switching up your hair care routine for the colder months, take a look below at N4s approved hairstyles for covering up your hair breakage.

Opt For An Updo

Listen closely dah-ling… want to know the secret behind Ariana Grande’s high pony? It was hiding years of heat and color damage! But didn’t her stylists do a fantastic job of making it the most desirable head of hair in the world?!

Opting for an updo is one of the easiest ways to hide the hair breakage. We recommend a slick back pony using N4’s Firm Hold Gel for a strong and flexible finish. Simply scrape your hair up in a high pony and secure it with some ties. Apply the gel by slicking back all of the flyaways. Tres bon! Beautiful and sophisticated!

Braid It To Avoid Hair Breakage

Alternatively, to an updo you and braid your hair. It pulls back all the short unwanted hair breakage by hiding it as the strands layer over each other. You can take some inspiration from our Summer Beach Braids Made Easy blog to find out what kind of braid you’d like to go for.

The beauty of a braid is that it can be as messy as you like, and it’ll still look cute. So don’t fret if your shorter bits start to poke out!

Finish off your braid with N4’s Mighty Hairspray for a strong hold, without that hairspray feeling!

Dazzle With Accessories

Dahling, if it’s anyone who can pull off a hairband, it’s you. It’s time to channel your inner Blair Waldorf with a sparkly band that’s going to take all the attention away from your breakage.

What’s trending right now? Chunky headbands, headscarves and cute bows. If you’re feeling a headscarf is the best option for you then check out our latest blog on how you wear one.

You’ll be the most stylish chic walking around town!

Change Your Parting

If your hair has broken off around the front or around the crown then you can try and hide it by switching up your parting! If you’re used to the sleek middle parting, why not try flipping your hair to one side.

A lot of the time hair breakage can often leave your hair looking flat and lacklustre, and this switch can change that for you. It’ll give your locks that extra oomph from the roots that you need!

We recommend cleansing your locks with N4’s Volumizing Shampoo and Volumizing Condition to help with the boost, and use N4’s Blow Dry Lotion to add extra volume around the roots and body of your hair. Blow dry with the parting of your choice and you’re good to go!

Need some more hair help? Why not check out this blog: Don’t let dehydration mess with your hair. Let’s face it, we’ve all encountered unwanted dehydration at one point or another.

For more information on trends to replicate and techniques to implement, don’t forget to explore our blog and view the rest of our high performance hair care product range! We’re here to help ensure every day is a good hair day. We love hearing from you so go ahead and leave us a comment too. This blog is written with love, from us to you.

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