Embrace Bigger, Brighter, Shinier Hair in 2023

Woman with bigger, brighter, shinier hair in 2023

Embrace Bigger, Brighter, Shinier Hair in 2023

Embrace Bigger, Brighter, Shinier Hair in 2023 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care


As the saying goes, “go big or go home”, and we’re so here for that 2023 energy. Only we’re also adding go brighter, go shinier, go fuller and go longer to our N4 hair goals.

If you’re looking for new and innovative ways (and paraben free haircare products to support these latest trends), look no further. N4 professional hair care has you covered.

We’re about to break down everything you need to know to stay ahead of the trends this year and embrace BIG.

Woman with bigger, brighter, shinier hair in 2023

Get bigger, brighter & shinier hair in 2023

Big Shine

First up, we’re talking all things shine. From the so-called glazed donut look to glossing, shiny hair is also in fashion, no matter what the season. It’s a coveted look, and for a good reason. Shiny = healthy.

To maintain shiny, manageable hair, we recommend using N4’s Fluoro 5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil. Just 1-2 pumps applied to damp hair delivers time-defying and illuminating shine to even the most vivid colored hair hues.

Big Color

And talking of color. Even if you’ve opted for a high-intensity color, high-octane shine can be achieved.

We love the luxe looks of a multi-dimensional brunette or the brightest of blondes – aka platinum. We’re here for all the rainbow colors, including electric neons and shimmering jewel tones.

Wherever your hair sits on the Pantone color scale, you need a hair care system that’s been specially formulated to take loving care of your strands. That’s where N4’s Clarifying Shampoo and Reconstructing Hair Masque come in.

This duo Shampoo and Masque cleanses and conditions without stripping and dulling your (expensive) color. At the same time, it also strengthens strands that can become brittle over time from regular coloring plus protects hair from environmental damage.  We recommend a weekly deep cleanse to ensure your color is always on point. Sulfate and Sodium Chloride free, this duo is good for your hair and good for the planet. It’s anti-aging too.

Big Volume

The year might be 2023, but we’re returning to the ’80s for this larger than life hair inspiration.

It’s time to pump up the volume and embrace, then enhance your natural volume. Don’t be shy about “teasing” your hair to amplify the results. We say the bigger, the better.

This next duo of Shampoo and Condition from the N4 paraben-free range effectively takes limp hair to all-new dizzy head-turning heights! We’re talking about our Hydrating Shampoo and Condition. Now you can grab our Hydrating Condition in a super-sized 64oz, just like you’d find in a professional salon, meaning you can enjoy ultra-moisturized, hydrated, damage-free hair for longer.

Big Length

Finally, it’s time to fake it till you make it and work that length, dah-ling!

If you want to add extra inches to your hair quickly, then you need to focus on fortifying your hair from the root to the tip and use products that seal strands to reduce unwanted splitting, which is often the precursor to breakage.

Try a weekly Reconstructing Hair Masque and treat your hair to a hydration therapy session. Your hair will literally soak up this deeply replenishing and strengthening formula like a sponge; before you know it, luscious long locks will be a reality.

Looking for more tips and tricks on achieving liquid hair like the A-listers? Check out this BLOG.

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