Everything You Need to Know About the Flicky Bob

Flicky Bob

Everything You Need to Know About the Flicky Bob

Everything You Need to Know About the Flicky Bob 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

What to know about the flicky bobBONJOUR DAH-LING!

Do you ever get the urge to chop all your hair off? We’ve all been there. Spent months growing out the short length we thought we didn’t want, only to get bored and want it all gone again!

Well, you’re in luck as short is in and trending. It’s also one of the best times to decide to go short (in our opinion). It’s almost summer and definitely pretty badass to slide into the warmer season with a short and sassy cut. You’ll certainly be one of the coolest chics!

So, if you’re really contemplating swapping your heavy long locks for something lighter and breezier then you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to be telling you all about the flicky bob!

What is the Flicky Bob?

Simply put, it’s a short haircut with the ends of the hair flicking out away from the face. You can think of a 50s preppy aesthetic look as inspiration (although we’re not expecting you to be a rollerblading waitress).

This style for your strands has been gaining quite a bit of traction from Tiktok and has been seen worn by Billie Eilish and Naomi Scott. It reflects on the minimal and straightness of the Y2K resurgence, and we’re all definitely here for those vibes.

What Products Will Help Achieve This Look?

You’ve come to the right place dah-ling! N4 has plenty of products to help you get the look you want.

It’s a pretty low maintenance look and can be achieved with a hairdryer, rollers or straighteners. The style needs to be achieved with straight hair and to give it that extra smooth and firm hold we recommend using N4’s Volumizing Shampoo and conditioner, N4’s Smoothing Treatment and of course, our everyday handbag essential, Mighty Hairspray.

How to Get the Flicky Bob

It’s important to note that walking into the hair salon and asking for a flicky bob is something they can do, but it’s not something that will last as it’s just a style! (The bob will last though, unless your hair grows at the speed of lightning!).

But if you’re looking to try this look out at home then we’ve got all the products online for you. You’re going to want to start with the N4 Volumizing Shampoo and Condition. This is going to prep your hair with the volume it needs all over. Simply wash your hair with these products like you usually would and then apply the N4 Smoothing Balm (from the Smoothing Treatment). Distribute it evenly throughout your locks to ensure the smoothest and sleekest results!

The amazing thing about the Smoothing Balm is just how many qualities it has. Not only does it smooth, it helps to protect and shield your precious strands from humidity and heat meaning you can look smooth all day long.

Reach for the hairdryer and style your hair giving yourself a fresh salon blowout. If you’re not quite sure how to achieve this then checkout our blog on How To Refresh A Salon Blowout – there’s lots of tips and tricks in there for you!

Once dried you’re going to want to reach for your hair straighteners and glide through each section of your hair but slowly start to curve out towards the end and flick up. You can then take an extra step and put these flicked sections into hair curlers for ten minutes to ensure the style stays.

Finish off by using the N4 Fluoro5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil from the Smoothing Treatment  for a glossy finish, and N4s Mighty Hair Spray for a firm finish.

That’s it dah-ling! It’s this season’s hottest hairstyle for short strands so definitely give it a go. If you’re wanting to touch up your hair throughout the day then make sure to give our Top 3 Handbag Hair Essentials You Need a read.

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