Experience a Hair Spa Treatment at Home in 5 Simple Steps

Woman enjoying a hair spa treatment

Experience a Hair Spa Treatment at Home in 5 Simple Steps

Experience a Hair Spa Treatment at Home in 5 Simple Steps 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Woman enjoying a hair spa treatment


We take our bodies regularly to the spa for a pampering and detoxifying massage. We also treat our skin to facials to plump, tone, tighten, and deep cleanse pores from the build-up of grime and residue associated with wearing cosmetics

But how many of us ever really take our hair to the spa?

Just think about it for a minute. Every day our hair is subjected to dirt and dust, pollutants, and product build-up. That’s before we even get started on the debilitating effects that hair color, chemical smoothing products, and overuse of straighteners and hot curling irons can cause. This can especially be true during the long, harsh, cold winter months when air drying just isn’t an option. Like brrrrrrrr – wet hair? Non merci! Quick, pass me the blow dryer.

For moments like this, you may need a boost in addition to using your regular N4 shampoo and conditioner. Our Volumizing, Hydrating and Essentials shampoos and conditioners are a great start to daily high performance hair care. But if your hair has lost its luster and is lacking in strength, moisture and vibrancy, then it’s time to take your hair to the spa! It’s just one of our pro winter hair care tips.

So Bonjour. And welcome to the Number 4 on-demand home hair spa.
Where your VIP reservation is always guaranteed.

How to Do a Hair Spa Treatment at Home in 5 Simple Steps

Take a look at your calendar, find an empty spot in your January schedule, and get ready to enjoy an at-home hair spa experience guaranteed to tame frizzy and out of control hair.

Step #1 – Massage Your Hair and Scalp

To get things started, we recommend you massage your scalp to nourish and stimulate blood flow to open up the follicles ready to deliver the essential nutrients your hair and scalp need to thrive.

Try massaging with your favorite natural oil. Our N4 Hair Care experts recommend something containing either olive oil, sweet almond oil, or coconut oil as these products are highly nourishing, easily accessible, and of course, contain all-natural ingredients.
Take a few minutes to massage the oil into your scalp which will also help lower your stress levels and contribute to the overall ambiance and enjoyment of your pampering experience.

Step #2 – Steam Hair With a Hot Towel

If you own a steamer, fab-u-lous! If not, a hot towel will do the job nicely.

Wrap your hair, still soaked in oil, into your towel and allow the steam to help seal the nutrients from the oil deeper into your hair cuticle.

10-15 minutes should be enough.

Step #3 – Shampoo Hair with N4’s Clarifying Shampoo

Up next, it’s time to wash and clean your hair.

We’ve no need to remind you of the importance of using a shampoo that’s free of nasties. What you also need to be using is a deeply cleansing solution. It’s crucial that you choose something that won’t strip moisture or color but that will eliminate evidence of past styling faux pas! Yes, we’re talking to you. Are you currently suffering from piled-up product residue associated with seasonal over-styling? Thought so. Your hair is the victim and doing time for your crime! It’s time to fix things.

Let N4’s Clarifying Shampoo deliver your hair to a new nirvana. Packed with plant-based extracts, it’s a professional salon recommended method proven to remove product build-up, minerals deposits, and also the effects of chlorine. It’s gentle enough to care for delicate hair and scalp plus, as a bonus, it can also double up as a body wash. The highly concentrated formula is perfect for enhancing any home-spa experience.

Step #4 – Deeply Condition with N4’s Reconstructing Hair Masque

This is the most important stage of your home hair treatment.

It’s time to replenish, restore, strengthen and so much more, thanks to the maximum moisturizing properties of N4’s Reconstructing Hair Masque. This color protecting and anti-aging, deep conditioning hair masque is packed with a rich blend of soy proteins, moisturizers and all-natural ingredients. Better still, we’re giving away a FREE mini 1.5oz masque when you purchase N4’s Ultimate Spa set. So now, you really can bring the spa into your home.

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Step #5 – Final Rinse

A final rinse with your favorite N4 shampoo and you are good to go. Your home hair therapy session is complete. It’s time to say bonjour to healthy hair and au revoir to frizz.

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