Fall In Love With Gorgeous Hair This Valentine’s Day!

Valentines Day 2021 Number 4 Hair Care

Fall In Love With Gorgeous Hair This Valentine’s Day!

Fall In Love With Gorgeous Hair This Valentine’s Day! 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Valentines Day 2021


Roses are red, violets are blue

Number 4’s Heart Your Hair Box is packed with pampering treats

Curated by Cupid himself

Especially for YOU!

Whether you have a BAE, a BOO or it’s all about YOU, it’s time to love those locks and shower your main attraction with the self-care it deserves.

While every day should be a good hair day, sometimes you just need an excuse to indulge. V-day is the perfect day to show someone special how much they’re adored, even if that certain someone turns out to be….well, YOU dah-ling!

It’s time to fall in love with gorgeous hair Valentine’s Day 2021 with The Heart Your Hair Box by Number 4 Hair Care.

It’s a treasure trove of tempting limited-edition treats to transform tangled tresses and deliver swoon worthy strands. Be still my beating heart! Beautiful hair sure does look gorgeous on you!

So why not open the door (and your heart) to irresistible beauty surprises and get ready to flirt with your most fabulous hair ever? This Valentine’s Day, we’re not leaving anyone on the shelf.

What’s not to love?

The Heart Your Hair Box contains all your favorite Number 4’s faves but in perfect sizes for the commitment “phobes” out there. But the best part is the sweet savings that not even the most cold hearted among you will be able to resist! Cupid is pointing his arrow straight at you with an ice-thawing 66% discount, guaranteed to make you swoon!

At Number 4 Hair Care we’re pulling out all the stop’s this V-Day with our exclusive collection of luxe gift sets.

So let’s spread love around like confetti and give the gift of gorgeous hair.

Whether you go for the Full Of Love Set, the super hydrating Fleurs de Temps Body Lotion or want to Get the Perfect Blow Out, one thing you can count on, Cupid is sending each and every one of you Valentine’s kisses and fabulous hair wishes.

So make some space in your heart, and room on your bathroom shelf. It’s the perfect time to practice the art of self-care and gorgeous hair.

Love your locks. Let’s come together and make Valentine’s Day 2021 one of strength, style and the ultimate shine.

Hugs and Kisses from Number 4 Hair Care


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