Fall In Love With Shiny, Soft, Tangle Free Hair

Tangled Free Hair Number 4 Hair Care

Fall In Love With Shiny, Soft, Tangle Free Hair

Fall In Love With Shiny, Soft, Tangle Free Hair 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Tangle Free Hair


We’ve got a bit of a tongue twister for you today!

We’re talking how to tackle and tame tempestuous tresses so they’re tangle-free!

Let’s face it, the long (and short) of it is, unless your name is Rapunzel, knotted, tangled hair is a headache! You might go to bed with soft, shiny hair but wake up with something that looks more like a (night) mare! You look like you’ve been running through hedges all night, dragged behind a raging bull!

Well, forget me knot!

Today we’re about to reveal how you can fall asleep and wake from slumber to soft, shiny and tangle-free hair that’s good enough for your favorite Disney Princess. Dah-ling, we all have one! No matter what our age.

N4’s easy-breezy tips on how to keep your hair tangle-free:

Whether you’re channeling Rapunzel with her long golden locks, Snow White with her elegant black bob, or Ariel with her wavy red statement hair, the key to success is to brush before you wash.

Hair can turn into a tangled old knotted mess after washing so dry brush first and never directly tackle the tangles. Instead, our N4 stylists recommend you brush below the tangle for the best results.

Soft and shiny, manageable hair needs natural oils and sebum so avoid washing too frequently. Washing every other day is the best way to ensure your scalp remains moisturized and nourished, which will help prevent damaged and tangled hair.

You should also spend a decent chunk of your haircare budget on a deeply nourishing conditioner.

Directly after shampooing is the best time to smooth out those tricky tangles. So invest today in a product like N4’s Hydrating Condition to reduce the visible signs of bad stylistic habits and protect your stands from scalp to ends. It’s best to comb through your conditioner before rinsing with a wide-tooth comb like N4’s Detangling Comb.

Another top tip is to use a detangling spray or serum on damp hair which will help make brushing so much easier. N4’s Super Comb Prep & Protect is perfect if you want to live a tangle-free life! Not only does it protect against the adverse effects of heat styling, sun damage, and external environmental factors, it also provides nourishing benefits too. Use in conjunction with a detangling hairbrush for maximum results and minimum resistance.

Right now, we’re offering a FREE DETANGLING BRUSH dah-ling on all purchases over $75. So add your favorite N4 styling products to your basket today, and use code FREEBRUSH to become a real-life hair heroine.

Finally, don’t forget to treat stressed strands to a regular trim which will keep those split ends at bay. Dry and split hair is more likely to get tangled so check in with your stylist every 6-8 weeks and you and your tangle-free hair can prepare for your very own HAPPY EVER AFTER.

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