FiFi Files: Top Three Hot Styling Tools


FiFi Files: Top Three Hot Styling Tools

FiFi Files: Top Three Hot Styling Tools 450 300 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Mon amis, if you are anything like me, you’ve been under the spell of hot tools since the very first time you heard the words “loose curls.” Then the hair fairies took it one step further and came out with an actual curling wand (princesses of the world, rejoice!) and we were sold, hook, line, and setting hairspray sinker. No matter your skill or expertise, everyone turns to hot tools in some form to get that put-together polished style. But with so many options, which are truly essential and which should be considered wish list wants? Never fear, dah-lings, I’ve rounded up the top hot tools every heat worshipper should have in her arsenal.


Blow Dryer

 This is a tough one to narrow down, because everyone values different things in a blow dryer, and there are seemingly endless options on the market. As a general rule, I look for these characteristics when shopping for my blowout buddy:

  • Temperature controls to manage heat levels
  • Powerful motor to cut down drying time
  • ION settings to eliminate frizz and static that cause flyways
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design, long cord for easy travel

 Whatever your hair type, budget, or personal styling preference, investing in a quality blow dryer is a must for even the most low-maintenance ladies. Pro-tip: to fake a professional blowout at home, it’s all about the Blow Dry Lotion! Silky smooth movement that lends itself to any style is on its way.

Flat Iron

A good old-fashioned flat iron is the most versatile of the hot tools, as it can be used to create straight or curly styles on nearly every hair type! I strongly suggest a ceramic, titanium, or tourmaline model—these materials heat evenly, eliminating those hot spots on the plates that can cause damage. Flat irons are obviously designed to produce straight, sleek styles and manage volume and texture, but they also add shine and softness. To help protect hair, I recommend using Thermal Styling Spray; it creates a barrier between hair and hot tools, and also helps to set styles in place.

Styling Wand

Wave your magic wand and say hello to highly customized hair! Wands are fabulous for creating curls that are truly unique, as the lack of a clip (compared to a traditional curling iron) lets you adjust the start and stop points of the curl at your discretion. If you’ve been discouraged by the “George Washington” curl of your traditional iron, get ready to re-imagine your ringlets. For waves that won’t wimp out, apply our Mighty Hair Spray for all-day hold and a fabulous scent.

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