FiFi on the Fly: Maintaining My Mane in Miami


FiFi on the Fly: Maintaining My Mane in Miami

FiFi on the Fly: Maintaining My Mane in Miami 315 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Bienvenidos from Miami!

What I love most about this fabulous Florida hotspot is its ability to blend relaxed beach culture with cutting edge fashion, art, and style! This means I can head straight from sunning myself by the pool with my hair in a topknot to rocking a sleek, side swept pony at a swanky dinner in South Beach. Cheers to an itinerary free of frizz, sun damage, and flyways, dahlings!


Poolside Protection

It’s no secret that sun protection is key to maintaining healthy skin, but what about your hair? For those of us who are color-lovers and sun-worshippers, the Super Comb and Protect spray is très magnifique! This detangling, fade-fighting, chlorine combatant is exactly what I need before a day at the beach or pool.

Art Walk Avant-Garde

Miami is famous for its modern art scene, full of gorgeous galleries featuring some of the most cutting edge pieces around! Naturally, I never shy away from a chance to make a statement! An art walk in Miami is the perfect avenue for an avant-garde hairstyle, like a faux-hawk braid or pompadour bangs. To lock these masterpieces in place, I use Mighty Hair Spray for a firm hold that still looks natural. Pair it with a red lip from Mirabella for a totally on-trend ensemble.

South Beach Sleek and Sexy

After a day of relaxation and culture, it’s time to swap my sandals out for stilettos and scope out the scene in South Beach! For a night in Miami, I love to emphasize my sleek, shiny locks- humidity be damned! Beautiful, textured waves are the perfect blend of beachy and glamour, and with my Fluoro5 Elixer Restore and Repair Oil, my hair will catch the shine from a Miami moon for extra magnificence.

Bon Voyage, Darlings!

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