Fine Hair Solutions


For all types of fine hair start with these two essential items. Then scroll down for tips and products for your specific fine hair type.

Choose your hair texture for more products and tips.

Normal Texture

For normal texture hair, apply the Styling Foam followed by the Thermal Styling Spray from roots to ends. For added texture, use Sugar Texturizing Spray on dry hair from roots to ends.

Curly Hair

Apply Styling Foam from roots to ends and diffuse. Add Sugar Texturizing Spray and air dry or diffuse for all day hold and perfect curl formation. Apply Smoothing Balm from roots to ends for soft touchable curls, air dry or diffuse.

Frizzy Texture

Apply Styling Foam to roots. Use Blow Dry Lotion with Smoothing Balm from mid-strands to ends. Mix Blow Dry Lotion with Fluoro5 from mid-strand to ends.

Dry Hair

Mix Blow Dry Lotion with a drop of Fluoro5. Use Mighty Hair Spray for all day lightweight hold.

100% Vegan, Gluten Free, Sulfate & Sodium Chloride Free, Paraben Free

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