Four Simple Hair Styles for the Gym


Four Simple Hair Styles for the Gym

Four Simple Hair Styles for the Gym 548 749 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Bonjour, Dah-lings!

We all know that getting to the gym on a regular basis is tough enough, so why make it any harder on yourself? Between hair that’s constantly falling in your eyes, or even worse, becomes uncomfortably stuck to the back of your neck, gym hair feels like an upward battle. Well, no more excuses, Dah-lings- with these four simple looks for the gym, breaking a sweat doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your style!


Classic Top Knot

Top knots are everywhere right now because they are so incredibly easy to master, and can be dressed up or down to suit your fancy! If your hair is on the frizzier side, this style is even easier, as the more texture and “stick” your hair has, the more you can mold the shape and volume of your knot. To prep, spray hair with Non Aerosol Hair Spray to add tackiness to your tresses, then flip your head forward. Rake the front layer with your fingers, then slowly work towards the back section until all hair is gathered. Secure the pony in an elastic, then start twisting the tail and wrapping it as you go. Secure the ends with a couple of bobby pins. For added fullness, or for the undone look, carefully loosen the twist by using your fingers to pull on it from opposite sides.

Dutch Braided Bun

For an elegant style that easily transitions to the office or a Sunday brunch, the Dutch braided bun is equal parts function and fabulous! The trick is ensuring that even the most fine bottom layers of your head stay contained in the braid, which can be achieved by adding Blow Dry Lotion to damp hair before drying. Then, flip your head forward, grabbing the back section of your hair along your neckline for the braid. Divide that section into three even pieces and begin braiding, making a “Dutch braid” by reversing the French braiding process. In other words, instead of weaving hair inward, you weave outward for the “inside out” effect. Continuously add hair to the braid until you reach the crown of your head. Secure the braid with an elastic, leaving the front section of your hair untied. Then, combine the loose section with the ends of your braid and twist the full pony into a bun, securing the ends with pins.

Pigtail Buns for Short Hair

Never fear, all you lob-lovers! You too can rock a cute gym style that holds its shape even through the most intense sweat session. Begin by parting your hair as you normally would and dividing it into two sections. Using our L’eau de Mar brush, gently comb hair back into two low pigtails on either side of the nape of your neck and secure with elastics. For added shine and flexibility, work 1 pump of Fluoro5 Elixer Restore and Repair Oil into the pigtails before twisting into small, messy buns.

Tiered Pony for Thick, Heavy Hair

The only time that thick, lustrous hair is a negative is when it comes to working out. All that heavy hair can feel like dead weight, especially if it keeps escaping all your best attempts to contain it. To tame even the wildest mane, start by adding Styling Foam to damp hair and air drying. Next, take a small section of the front of your hair and make a ponytail in the center of your head. Repeat the process on the next layer below, grabbing hair from each side as you work your way back and secure with an elastic to the pony above it. Try to keep each tier even in size, and when you run out of hair to tie, you’re done!

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