Get the Look: Kesha’s Grammy Award Winning Waves

Get the Look: Kesha’s Grammy Award Winning Waves

Get the Look: Kesha’s Grammy Award Winning Waves 550 828 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Bonjour Dah-lings!

If the Grammy’s had a motto, it would certainly be “Go big or go home.” From the attire to the hair and everything in between, this red carpet is not a place to play it safe – and we for one have the utmost respect for that! The star-studded event was nothing short of fabulous. But what really made this year special was that yours truly got to be a part of the beauty action! Stylist Preston Wada used a few of our favorite Number 4 products on a certain famous blonde bombshell…the beautiful Miss Kesha!

From the red carpet all the way to center stage, Kesha slayed this year’s Grammy Awards. Her extra-long, wavy blonde strands were a complete knockout…and not just because they were styled with our very own Number 4 products (although that certainly doesn’t hurt)! The uber talented Preston Wada worked his magic, and he’s sharing exactly how he created the look!

Here’s how:

“To get Kesha’s look for the Grammys, first I prepped damp hair with Number 4 Styling Foam and Number 4 Thermal Styling spray. Then I made sure to work the product into the hair and rough dry using fingers. I like to do this to create smoothness without taking away some of the hairs natural bends that I like to enhance later when editing. After the hair is dry, I begin to grab random sections of the hair and curl hair with a sliding motion to create a very undone look. I also like to wrap the hair and create horizontal waves in some of the sections. After all the texture is put into hair I then use one of my favorite products, Sugar Texturizing Spray all over hair and use your fingers to shake/ rake through hair to break it up.”


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