Get Selfie-Ready With These Top Styling Tips!

Top 5 Styling Tips for Valentines Day Number 4

Get Selfie-Ready With These Top Styling Tips!

Get Selfie-Ready With These Top Styling Tips! 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

top 5 styling tipsBONJOUR DAH-LING!

Social media is as much a part of our daily routine as our morning coffee. The so-called ‘selfie’ – or the modern-day portrait – means being unprepared is not an option. Well, unless you want it to haunt you…

The rise of the YouTube makeup tutorial and takeover of the skincare scene means we’ve covered most bases. But what about our hair?

No matter how much effort you put into everything else, a bad hair day will be a bad selfie day. Read on for top 5 styling tips for keeping your hair ready for any photo opportunity. From TLC to last-minute fixes, dah-ling, we’ve got you covered…

1. Show Your Hair Some Love

The everyday exposure to the elements and artificial colors can leave your hair feeling dry and neglected. So what’s the point in dropping your hard-earned cash in the salon, to then pay no further attention to your hair care once you leave?

Small changes you can make to your daily routine, such as cold rinsing after a shower and even doing some research on your shampoo ingredients can leave your hair looking éblouissante and selfie-ready.

Intense at-home treatments such as the Number 4 Hair Reconstructing Hair Mask can deeply replenish and hydrate hair to give you that ‘woke up like this’ feeling every day.

If you have some stubborn, recurring hair problems, consider researching a haircare routine that is best for your particular hair type. Some of the products in your current hair regimen may be doing more harm than good.

Do your hair this favor and it will owe you one right back!

2.  Volume, Volume, Volume!

Flat, lifeless hair can really ruin your overall look and consequently, your selfie.

‘Helmet hair’ is a big problem, especially if you’re someone with thinner hair or even extra-long locks. But don’t accept this fate, there are several ways you can give your hair an extra boost!

First, try not to wash your hair every day. This can strip it of its necessary protective layer, which can, in turn, leave it feeling limp.

You can also try adjusting the parting of your hair or tipping your hair upside down as you dry it, this can help it sit less comfortably and create the illusion of bigger hair. Perfect for the ultimate selfie glam.

Using a texture spray such as Number 4 Hair Sugar Texturizing Spray can also add volume without holding your hair in one place, giving it a ‘beachy’ look but without the stickiness.

3. Dry Shampoo is Your Secret Weapon

Haven’t washed your hair in days, but have no time? A selfie can really expose oil and lack of freshness, creating a… well … less than ideal new profile picture.

Dry shampoo is designed to soak up excess oils and sebum, leaving your hair feeling freshly washed and brand new, in seconds!

It can now also be found in a wide range of colors, to match your hair’s unique hue perfectly. This really adds richness to your hair, giving the illusion of a salon-fresh dye job! What more could you ask for in one product?

If you might ask for added volume, you can expect that too. Dry shampoo lifts your hair at the root, meaning you’ll be selfie-ready instantly.

4. Quick-Fix Hairstyles

Running late for a big event? Have no extra time for hot tools or fancy products? Don’t panic, all is not lost!

There are some hairstyles that are designed to look like they took time when really they didn’t.

The sleek ponytail is gaining popularity, especially online, making it the perfect, chic selfie-style. All you have to do is part your hair down the center, take your favorite styling gel, such as the Number 4 Hair Firm Hold Gel, and brush your hair backward and down onto your head. And voila! You’re ready for anything.

The double-sided French braid is also a great option for when you’re in a hurry. This look can be achieved quickly, albeit with a bit of practice, and hides oily hair.

Braids, messy buns, and other quick ‘dos can really help with the ‘put together’ look, with minimal effort and time.

5. Serum

Hair serum – we hear people talking about it all the time, but do we know what it even does?

Serum is your best friend when it comes to dazzling hair. Packed with potent ingredients, it is the answer to most of life’s hair problems. Making it an excellent product for providing luscious-looking locks that will be the star of every selfie. And when it comes to serum, there is only one selfie-approved choice and that’s our Number 4 Fluoro5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil.

Use our elixir on wet hair for optimal heat protection against styling tools and hot summer days, preparing you for all your future photo ops – selfie or otherwise! This multi-tasking masterpiece can also be used to tackle frizz or detangle hair on the most inconvenient days!

Even flyaways are no match for N4’s Restore & Repair. Split ends are the biggest tell-tale sign of unhealthy and damaged hair, but this little beauty can help reduce their appearance significantly.

Maybe you have naturally dry hair, that lacks shine and is dulling your natural selfie sparkle! Fluoro5 can help you too, by providing an intense dose of hydration whenever you need it.

Your followers won’t be able to take their eyes off you (or should we say – your hair)! Dah-ling, are you ready for your close up because with these top 5 styling tips you will most definitely be selfie-ready! And talking of followers, don’t forget to check out our N4 social accounts for all the latest hair style hacks.

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