Go to hairstyles for rainy days (and nights!)

Top hairstyles for rainy days

Go to hairstyles for rainy days (and nights!)

Go to hairstyles for rainy days (and nights!) 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care


Whilst we’re here for the cozy nights in and gorgeous golden leaves falling from the trees, one thing we cannot stand is the cold and damp weather. Especially when we’ve done our hair all beautiful only for it to be ruined by the rain!

N4 professional hair care products has you covered for the rainy seasons no matter your hair type. Lucky for you, these rain proof hairstyles have come straight from the runways during the 2022 autumn fashion week (You didn’t think we’d give you outdated styles, did you dah-ling?!)

Top hairstyles for rainy days

Top Hairstyles for Rainy Days & Nights

Messy Waves for Rainy Days!

We think everyone can put their hands up when we ask whose hair goes super messy in the horrible weather. So why not beat the rain to it?! In all seriousness, messy waves are super cute and super easy to achieve using botanical hair care products.

All you will need is the N4 Sugar Texturizing Spray The spray has an amazing hold on your locks so you can be sure the rain won’t dampen your look.

Simply spray lightly onto either damp or dry hair and style as desired. For extra messy waves we recommend scrunching your hair up in your hands before and whilst drying. It’s even the perfect product to carry with you if you find yourself suddenly trapped under a dark cloud.

You can spray and scrunch and then you’re set to go! Messy waves are unbelievably cute during the day, and they last into the night where you can pair the look with glittery makeup.

Low Pony

Now let’s go the complete opposite way and talk about a low pony. Recently seen styled on Bella Hadid for Michael Kors; the sleek hairstyle works just as well on freshly washed hair as it does on day 2 of needing to be washed hair.

As rainy day hairstyles goes, this one works best on straight hair as the rain can make straightened curly hair a little frizzy. But overall, the low pony keeps everything nice and intact, and the sleek style is very in this season.

To start, let’s make sure your locks are the smoothest they can be! Let the N4 Smoothing Treatment do the work. The N4 Smoothing Balm which is paraben free and vegan friendly contains the tiniest smoothing molecules that enable the brilliant ingredients to dive deep into the hair and work to reduce frizz and tame flyaways.

Simply distribute evenly on damp hair and blow dry your hair straight. Cocktail this with the N4 Fluoro5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil for an extra smooth and shiny finish.

To make the pony, gather your hair back with a comb to ensure all bumps are smoothed out, and tie with a hair band. Finish off with a spritz of the N4 Mighty Hairspray for a light yet firm finish.

Nothing will mess with your strands with this style, not even the pesky rain! It’s a very sophisticated look and will look for rainy days when you’re traveling to work, and will pair nicely with a bold red lip going into the evening.

Scarf It Up

If you’re a sucker for an accessory then look no further. This season, using a headscarf as a headband is all the rage right now, and it’s the perfect addition to your look when you want to stay dry in the rain.

Dah-ling, it’s time to embrace your natural hair for this look. Just like we saw Ashley Parker wearing them during New York fashion week, embrace waves by using the N4 Sugar Texturizing Spray. Follow the exact same steps as above and then tie the scarf under your locks so it covers over the top too. Be sure to have fun when choosing your headscarves! Go for patterns and colors that compliment you and your personality. As you head into the night, opt for a satin/silky scarf which looks super sleek, but also has amazing hair benefits! Adding a headscarf is a quick hair styling technique.

We’ve covered just a few of this Fall’s perfect hairstyles that work well come rain or shine.

Make sure to check out Autumn’s Hottest Hair Styles to get more on colors and styles to go for right now and to discover the high performance hair care products you need in your life.

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