Grow Your Mo. How To Look After Your Movember Moustache.


Grow Your Mo. How To Look After Your Movember Moustache.

Grow Your Mo. How To Look After Your Movember Moustache. 800 533 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care



Movember is a thing. Actually, it’s more than a thing! It’s a growing mo-vement and nothing short of a phenomenon. For those of you not familiar with the term, it’s been around now for 10 years and is an annual event that’s rapidly spreading around the globe. It involves follicle capable men committing to a no-shave month. Tossing the razor to one side and embracing facial hair in all its glorious and sometimes ridiculous shapes and forms!

What Is Movember About?

The whole point of Movember isn’t to prove to the world that you’re man enough to grow facial hair. Even lame mo’s get credit for their perseverance! Instead, it’s about raising awareness and money for men’s health issues and related charities. In particular, prostate cancer, testicular cancer and also men’s suicide. A staggering 360 men will die this month alone from suicide. That’s a shocking statistic.

Grow Your Mo

The Movember Institute started in 2003 with just 30 men and has since grown to 5 million contributors. So if you or your man are ready to “Grow Your Mo,” then you’ll be in excellent company and become a walking, talking, promotional billboard for men’s health issues this month. How cool is that?

Top 10 Tips For Growing And Maintaining A Moustache

The thing you need to understand about growing a stache, whether it’s for Movember or just because you fancy a change, is that it takes time and patience, plus requires TLC and maintenance to look its best.

1. In the initial stages, it’s best to trim your moustache with clippers or a beard trimmer. When you have about 3 weeks growth, you can graduate to a par of high-quality facial scissors, especially to trim around the delicate mouth area. Now is also the time to comb and wax your mustache to fill out any missing gaps and stop it from looking overly fluffy.

2. Using a good facial scrub will help remove dead skin cells and open up your follicles so that your mustache hair grows more evenly.

3. Facial hair can be very coarse and dry and contribute to making the skin feel itchy. So it’s essential to use a good shampoo and conditioner to ensure your facial hair remains clean, conditioned and hydrated. We recommend our Hydrate Collection, a highly moisturizing yet weightless formulation that isn’t heavy on facial hair.

4. If you are trimming your beard or mustache, do it dry rather than wet. When it’s wet, it will hang longer and you might end up lopping off too much. Remember that damp hair retracts when it dries.

5. To tease and tame and also give shape to your new Mo, treat that stache to a bit of definition using Number 4’s Texture Paste.

6. Invest in a mustache comb so that you can keep that facial hair looking at its best. A comb will also help you to distribute any styling product more evenly like N4’s Texture Styling Creme. This can be used both wet and dry to create separation and definition but without stiffness.

7. Stubble is an inevitable part of growing a longer mustache, so embrace this stage as part of your “grow your mo” journey.

8. Not everyone can pull off a full Tom Selleck! Be sure to strike a balance between your face shape and the style you’re aspiring to have. Much as with hairstyles, there are some general rules to follow. A square face can carry off a longer mustache while an oval face looks better with a medium width style.

9. Practice twirling your mustache between your thumb and index fingers if you want to achieve a slight turn up. We recommend once again that you use Number 4’s Texture Paste.

10. Finally, you need to moisturize. The skin beneath your mustache can get exceptionally dry, so keep it nicely hydrated to avoid that dreaded “beard-ruff.” You really can’t go wrong with Fluoro5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil, plus it will also keep your moustache hair looking silky smooth too.

Don’t forget to use code FALL30 to get 30% off the Number 4 range of products, suitable for use on beards and mustaches.


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