Part Ways With Your Frays: A Guide to Avoiding Split Ends

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Part Ways With Your Frays: A Guide to Avoiding Split Ends

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Split ends… are they just a fact of life when hair gets past a certain length? No! Lifeless, dull hair does not match your style, dah-ling! It’s time to take charge and tell those fragile ends goodbye. But first, some self-reflection. Be honest, dah-ling, are you mistreating your tresses?

Take a closer look at these daily hair care practices to make sure you stay off the naughty list:


Go With a Second Day ‘Do

Remember, when it comes to hair care, you CAN have too much of a good thing! Although washing your hair everyday sounds like a good idea, it’s definitely not. Washing too often dries out your scalp and strips it of its natural oils (do the crime, lose the shine). Learn to rock second day hair to save yourself from unnecessary dryness and split ends. Most of the time, lived-in hair actually looks better than freshly washed locks… hello, volume and texture! Ready to rock it? Squeeze a small amount of our Texture Styling Cream into your palm. Then, add a couple of drops of our Fluoro5 Elixer Restore & Repair Oil. Rub your palms together to combine, and use your hands to shake, scrunch and smooth your hair into the style you want. Fluoro5 is ideal for hiding and repairing split ends or surface damage. It creates incredible shine that seals, repairs and restores any finished look.


Get a Wide Tooth Comb

When it comes to brushing, handle with care! Split ends are often caused by rough handling, so be gentle with yourself to avoid major breakage. After applying conditioner in the shower, use a wide tooth comb to detangle those tresses, starting at the bottom and working your way up. Combs are ideal because they are soft on the scalp and won’t snag wet locks. Once you towel dry, spray your hair with our Super Comb Prep & Protect to lock the moisture in and further improve the slip. This leave-in conditioner instantly detangles while providing color and UV protection. You’ll be able to style without snagging, and it will help shorten dry time, so you can avoid long sessions with the blowdryer. The easiest way to end up with broken, damaged hair is by mishandling during your brushing and styling routine. Give yourself the tools you need to take it easy.


Schedule Regular Trims

We know you love the length, dah-ling, but frazzled ends aren’t sexy on anyone. Trimming – as dreadful as it sounds –  is the best thing you can do to eliminate dry, rough ends. And yes, it is possible to trim without losing length! Don’t be nervous about parting ways with the damage – sometimes a break-up clears the way for good things to come. (In this case, it stimulates new growth and keeps your hair looking its healthiest and most vibrant.) Trimming is the ultimate preventative solution to dried out, damaged hair, so chin up, babe, and chop those moisture-sucking ends off! You’ll instantly see your locks come back to life.  


Just like spa days and ‘me time,’ making plans for some hair TLC can make you feel – and look – a whole lot better. Healthy hair is the prettiest, so get those ends in check! Love your hair, and it will love you back.


Get all the tools you need for tackling split ends like a pro! Check out our collection of Styling and Repairing secret weapons.

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