Your Guide To Ditching Dry Hair This Winter

Ditching Winter Dryness and Hair Damage

Your Guide To Ditching Dry Hair This Winter

Your Guide To Ditching Dry Hair This Winter 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Your Guide to Ditching Hair Dryness This WinterBONJOUR DAH-LING!

Baby it’s cold outside! Whilst sweater weather is here and sipping on hot chocolate as our favourite Christmas films play may seem like the cosiest time of the year, it’s also the same time that can cause most havoc to your hair.

But it shouldn’t give you another reason to stay cooped up indoors. We want you to have that snowball fight, and we want you to go for scenic wintery walks! There’s just a couple of ways you can save your strands from the inevitable dryness.

From hat head, to unruly frizzy flyaways, even to a dry and itchy scalp that causes our own snow storm (dandruff, eugh J’deteste), your hair goes through the wars during this time of year. We all focus on our delicate skin, but it’s time to give your hair an extra dose of attention!

No matter what Winter throws at you, protect your locks and keep them looking luscious with the following N4 tips from our pro styling team.

Nourish and Moisturize

How many liters of water do you drink a day? If we forget to drink we notice our lips start to crack and our skin starts to suffer. Imagine depriving your hair of extra hydration when winter sucks out all of the good moisture.

Now is the time to try out N4s Hydrating Collection, starting with N4s Hydrating Shampoo. Washing our hair is the first step to anyone’s hair care routine, and we’ve luckily packed the shampoo with premium ingredients to help nourish and moisturize your locks.

We’ve included Vitamin B5 properties to create shine, condition and improve your hair’s bourgeoisie strength (protecting it from any stylistic sin). Despite its capability to rehydrate thirsty hair and add shine, as well as strengthening and conditioning; it’s a lightweight formula meaning you won’t feel any heaviness after use.

Simply emulsify in your hands and massage into your scalp, rinse, and repeat. Simply swap your usual shampoo for this hydrating hero and you’ll be ready to face the icy temperatures!

Condition, Condition and (you guessed it) Condition!

Also a part of our Hydrating Collection, is N4s Hydrating Conditioner. Dah-ling, we cannot stress enough the importance of conditioning your locks during Winter. We don’t want your brittle ends snapping, do we?!

This savior in a bottle doesn’t just moisturize on another level, it works further to help repair split ends, dryness and frizz. It pairs perfectly with N4s Hydrating Shampoo as it contains Vitamin B5 to create that shine and condition!

For more damaged hair you can leave it on for up to one minute, then thoroughly rinse off for luscious results. You can think of this as your favourite hair mask, without the need to sit for hours waiting for it to sink in. This formula is like magic in a bottle and works fast!

Reduce Heat Usage to Reduce Dryness

From steamy showers to sizzling hot styling tongs, your hair is screaming stop! The cold weather puts pressure on your hair to easily snap due to dryness and brittleness. Dah-ling, breakup with heat if you can, or limit how much you use to protect your hair!

Hot water can actually strip your scalp of its natural oils and lead to even more dryness. We recommend turning the heat down, opting for a bath to save your hair from getting wet every day, or even finishing your shower with a blast of cool water to help seal the hair follicles and lock in moisture!

If you’re looking to reduce heat usage, you can try out our heat free styles that will be sure to turn heads! (Psst! No one will know our heat free secret either!!).

For the times you do decide to use heat, make sure to use N4s Super Comb Prep and Protect which doesn’t only protect your hair from thermal styling, but also gives it a dazzling condition kick!

Switch to Satin

Dah-ling, no one has told you that this switch doesn’t just protect your hair, but also ups your style status too. Haven’t you heard?! Satin is in!

Switch your cotton pillowcases to satin (or silk if you really want to splurge) to help protect your hair at night. It’s also worth considering silk scrunchies when you opt for an updo, and even a silk scarf for when you  head outside in Winter. The softer material will be gentler on your delicate strands, reducing its breakage.

Just small changes can make a huge difference!

If you’re interested in more ways to help your hair in winter, why not read DAYLIGHT SAVINGS HAIR HACKS TO BEAT THE WINTER BLUES.

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