The Perfect Mommy and Me Hairstyles

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The Perfect Mommy and Me Hairstyles

The Perfect Mommy and Me Hairstyles 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

hair care minisBONJOUR DAH-LING!

Twinning is winning! Is there anything more adorable than having a mommy and me hair moment? We love a mommy-daughter twinning situation—and our hair care minis make it easier than ever to achieve!

Whether you’re a mom who wants your little one to follow in your stylistic footsteps, or you’re a daughter who looks up to her own mom as their ultimate icon, we’ve put together some ideas of how you can pair your hair.

Why switching up your style is good for your hair

Sometimes we just get so caught up in the daily routine that we fail to experiment with something new. And while routine is essential, especially if you’re a busy mom, sticking to the same hairstyle day in, day out, can lead to unwanted breakage and tension.

So if you and your mini-me want to spend a quality afternoon playing Disney Princesses together, then we say, go for it! Do your hair, experiment with your makeup and enjoy the ultimate dress up! It can be so much fun escaping in the moment.

Why not indulge in your very own pamper party? Now would be an excellent time to treat your hair to a rejuvenating hair masque and slow down the pace of your usually hectic life. Give yourself permission to enjoy an afternoon of good old fashioned girlie fun. Grab N4’s Reconstructing Hair Masque and your best fluffy towels and you’ll both emerge with younger looking and revitalized hair.

Stuck on styling ideas? Below are some of our favorite hairstyles to try with your princess

  1. Buns and bangs
  2. Keep it straight with a middle part
  3. Embrace your natural curls
  4. Go for a high ponytail
  5. Keep it cutesy with two twisted front buns
  6. Grab matching headbands and push hair back to show your gorgeous faces
  7. Channel your inner princess with loose flowing waves
  8. Matchy matchy with the ultimate layered bob
  9. Go big with voluminous curls
  10. Be hippy chicks with pinned braids and a floral headband

So go ahead and grab all your favorite small but mighty Number 4 MINI COLLECTION styling products and turn your bedroom into a salon for the afternoon.

Click here to shop the full range of Number 4 High Performance Hair Care minis. They’re the perfect introduction to our range and a great way to discover a new styling product for your mommy-daughter transformations!

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