How To Season Proof Your Hair

hair care tips for every season

How To Season Proof Your Hair

How To Season Proof Your Hair 1024 643 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

hair care tips for every season


Ah, Mother Nature! How we do love the Seasons you bring, especially when it means we get to switch up our wardrobe and change over our extensive shoe collection. Who doesn’t love swapping from a chunky heeled black ankle boot to a color popping strappy heeled sandal?

From tip to toe, just how do you ensure each hair flip is fabulous whatever the weather?

We blame the elements for just about everything. In winter the harsh cold wind can strip our hair of essential moisture whereas the summer heat can lead to frazzled ends. Just how do you ensure that with the changing of the seasons your hair game is strong and you are always insta ready?

You do know that your hair is basically 90% of your selfie?

You can trust N4’s range of comprehensive essential kits to take care of all your hair care needs. Whether you need an Extra Moisture Boost, a Strengthening Treatment or a Summer Hair Detox, we really do care about your hair, whatever the weather! Come rain or shine, we have a range of mini kits that will leave you looking totally divine.

The Main Culprits when it comes to Dry Hair and how to solve them.

You’re a serial thermal abuser!

It’s OK, it’s not punishable with a prison sentence but if you’re gonna do the crime, you gotta be prepared to put in the time; locking natural moisture back into your hair. That’s where N4’s mini “Dry Hair Seeking Moisture” kit is such a winner. After a winter spent turning up the dial on both the central heating and those heat styling tools, it’s time to treat your hair to lots of hydration. Nothing loves your hair more than N4 Hydrating Condition.

Stop over washing your hair and under conditioning it.

Try switching to a formulation that won’t strip your hair of essential natural oils and that will encourage it to retain moisture instead. Skip that daily shampoo but still condition your hair even on an “off” day. Your hair will really benefit from an extra loving dose of conditioning without the drying effects of shampooing. Try using our Reconstructing Masque which is included in the N4 “Please Help Hair Repair Kit” once a week too and leave it on overnight so that your hair can enjoy a luxurious beauty sleep.

hair care tips for every season

With N4’s specialist treatment kits, you can season proof and treat your hair to its very own, no strings attached, mini Spring break.

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