Let’s Hair It For The Boys!

Father's Day 2022 Number 4

Let’s Hair It For The Boys!

Let’s Hair It For The Boys! 546 450 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

Father's Day 2022BONJOUR DAH-LING!

Or should we say, BONJOUR MONSIEUR?

Today we’re taking male grooming. Ahead of Father’s Day 2022, N4 thought it was about time we threw the spotlight on our expert hair tips for men.

One thing we can probably all agree on, no matter what our gender, is that great hair matters. The struggle to have a good hair day is real!

Now, far be it for us to judge everyone by our other halves standards, but let’s just say that if you’re reading this, and you’re male, your goal is probably to spend less, not more time, in the bathroom.

Are we right?

That’s why men typically opt for shorter, in theory, less maintenance haircuts. But going shorter isn’t necessarily the answer. Good hair is good hair, no matter what the length and looking after its texture is everything.

Here are our top 7 tips for all men looking to achieve magnificent hair!

01 – Avoid Washing Your Hair Every Day

Squeaky clean can do more harm than good, stripping hair and in particular the scalp of its natural oils. So avoid over-shampooing to maintain a hydrated head! Our N4 experts recommend 3-4 times a week is best for your average Joe!

02 – Pay Attention To What Shampoo You Use

You wouldn’t wash a sports car with cheap hand soap so why would you try and wash your crowning glory with harsh ingredients and nasties. We recommend a gentle formula that’s sulfate and paraben free. You’re spoilt for choice with the N4 range in that department.

03 – Always Use A Conditioner

Yes, we know it’s tempting to try and save time in the shower by using multi-tasking products but a good conditioner is essential. It will help replenish lost moisture and keep hair soft, healthy and strong. Shampoos are for cleansing, conditioners for moisturizing. Both are required to keep male hair in tip top condition.

04 – Use An Oil To Tame Textured Hair

A lightweight oil is a great investment, especially if you have curly, coarse or more textured hair. It will help to lock in hydration and nourish the hair without leaving a greasy residue.

05 – Give Your Scalp A Massage

Scalp health is essential for hair health and may help minimize thinning. Get in there with your nails and don’t be afraid to give your scalp a good old exfoliation. Not only does it feel highly satisfying, but it will help shift any dead skin cells and product buildup at the roots.

06 – Cut Your Hair Regularly

Men should ideally be visiting the barbers every 4-6 weeks to keep not just their haircut looking fresh, but also the rest of their head tidy. Yes, we mean neck hair and even trimming those bushy eyebrows. And don’t even get us started on sprouting nasal hair. Get it gone guys!

07 – Use Styling Products On Damp Hair

Finally, for best results, apply your favorite N4 styling products to damp, not sopping wet hair. Give hair a quick towel dry first before putting in any product.

And speaking of products! Check out our range of kits curated especially for men. They’re the perfect dads and grads presents, fit for your handsome fella! Shop the N4 Father’s Day range!

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