Indulge in the Ultimate Hair Spa Treatment at Home

hair spa treatment at home

Indulge in the Ultimate Hair Spa Treatment at Home

Indulge in the Ultimate Hair Spa Treatment at Home 1024 683 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

hair spa treatment at home

Bonjour Dah-lings

Fortune favors the brave my gorgeous Glamazons.

Unless you give it a go and take the plunge to try out a new hair care range, you will be stuck in a haircare rut with the same lackluster results forever and a day. We think you absolutely positively, most definitely, deserve to have access to the very highest performing salon style treatments from your own inner home sanctuary.

In the real world you may have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your Prince Charming, but here in fairytale land, where hair dreams really do come true, you only have to try N4 High Performance Hair Care products once and kiss kiss, bang bang, you’re ultimate good hair day wishes will all come true.

Treat yourself kindly and get ready to join the elite tastemakers, the beauty movers and shakers, and the full flight fashionistas by switching to a range that will leave an eternal love mark etched in your heart.

In just four simple steps you will experience a good hair day like never before with N4’s anti-aging and color protecting, reinvigorating ultimately reviving hair spa treatment.

hair spa treatment at home

Step 1 – Cleanse the palate sweeties.

It’s all about the prep. Enjoy a deep and luxurious cleansing treatment with N4 Clarifying Shampoo. The unique next level formulation is a game changer; eradicating any signs of hair faux pas (we’re talking chlorine, salt water, and styling product build-up) without stripping your color or condition.

Step 2 – A little bit of what you fancy does you good.

It’s time to satisfy your hair’s craving, and we mean by adding moisture or volume, whichever is your personal poison! Just rinse and repeat with the cocktail that’s most potent for you.

Dry Hair? Then you need to be locking in moisture with N4 Hydrating Shampoo
Fine Hair? Go big or stay at home! Amplify your hair’s magnificent potential with N4 Volumizing Shampoo.

Step 3 – Pamper your hair with unbridled pleasure.

It’s time to restore your hair to its former glory with N4 Reconstructing Masque. Right about now you might want to cocoon your hair in a warm fluffy towel and kick back on the bed listening to your favorite podcast.

Step 4 – Fortify the day and be boldly and beautifully on your way.

Whether you’re having a girl’s night in or getting ready for a night out with bae, the final step of this four-stage salon style ritual is to spray your hair with Super Comb Prep and Protect to seal in the shine and shield those strands.

Voila! The perfect at home salon inspired ultimate spa treatment courtesy of your fairy God Mother, Number 4.

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