Hair Spray 101: A Lesson in Hold


Hair Spray 101: A Lesson in Hold

Hair Spray 101: A Lesson in Hold 560 315 Number 4 High Performance Hair Care

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Just like finding the perfect pair of jeans, your hairspray needs can vary by every hair type, occasion, and event! And just like a great pair of jeans, it can be tough to find a formula that is both reliable and flexible without choking us with fumes or leaving us with helmet hair. But before you give up all hope in your hair spray search, let us offer some hope…such a product does indeed exist (and we have not one, but two options for you to choose from!).

B20Hairspray Can Be Good for Your Hair

While your average spray may not be full of added benefits, we don’t settle for just average. Both our Mighty and Non-Aerosol Hair Spray contain ingredients that nourish and repair the hair, as well as offer heat protection, shine, and UV filters to keep color vibrant. These sprays even fight humidity!

The Right Way to Spray

  • There’s an art to misting! The most common mistake people make when applying hair spray is spritzing too closely. Rather, hold the nozzle at least 12-14 inches away from your head, keeping a steady stream while misting for even application.
  • To prevent frizz and pesky flyaways, spritz hair spray onto the palms of your hands and gently smooth the hair down. This will keep you from over-saturating your strands.
  • To create flexible hold and boost shine for blowouts, apply a light mist to the brush as you blow dry – this will help build volume and keep hair flexible for a soft and natural look that stays put.
  • Use hair spray to prep strands for styling! Though we usually think of hair spray as a finishing touch, you can use it to create a foundation for a style. For example, when curling, mist your hair before wrapping it around the curling iron to keep your curls from falling flat.

Aerosol vs. Non Aerosol

What’s in a name? These terms refer primarily to the product’s delivery system.

With its earth-friendly packaging, Non Aerosol Hair Spray not only achieves style, body, control, and shine, it also contributes to the protection of our planet – perfect for the environmentally conscious darling! Non-aerosol formulas are best suited to working with curly hair, as they typically last longer and offer more control. This makes them ideal for sculpted or highly structures styles, as well as keeping stray hairs in place.

Aerosol sprays deliver a finer mist, making them ideal for finer hair or achieving softer, fuller hairstyles. This formula is best for straighter, smoother hairstyles and work best for adding the finishing hold on a blown-out style. Although soft and touchable, Mighty Hair Spray can be layered for the softest or firmest of holds and its fine mist is capable of providing hair with all day hold.

Because both Non Aerosol and Mighty Hair Spray can accomplish many of the same goals, it really comes down to personal preference. Try both and see which one you like best!


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